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Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 18 Recap: What is Canute’s Plan?


Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 18 Recap: In this episode of Season 2 of the Vinland Saga, two plotlines that have been developing in parallel for the previous episodes collide.

On the one hand, Canute and his army are approaching Ketil’s property with the intent to conquer it.

Ketil and his men return to the farm after learning about Canute’s scheme, only to discover it in disarray due to Arnheid’s attempt to flee and Thorfinn’s intervention.

What is Canute’s Plan?

Canute and his men commence the episode by sailing toward Ketil’s farm. He is accompanied by Wulf and Floki, who are intrigued as to why he chose to lead this mission personally.

Canute discloses that he desires to persuade Ketil to surrender peacefully because he considers Ketil’s men and the farm’s inhabitants to be valuable resources that should not be wasted on war.

He is surprised to discover that Ketil was once a fearsome warrior known as Iron Fist, as he remembers him as a gentle and submissive man.

Ketil’s Return

In the meantime, Ketil and his party arrive at the farm, where Thorgil greets them. He informs them that an enemy is approaching and to prepare for battle.

In addition, he attempts to inspire Olmar, who has lost interest in combat after being degraded multiple times.

Ketil is still in shock and disbelief over Canute’s treachery, and he becomes even angrier when he learns that Arnheid attempted to flee with her spouse Gardar, who was killed by Snake.

Arnheid’s Punishment

Ketil enters the stable where Arnheid is tethered and beats her severely with a rod. He inquires as to why she betrayed him and whose child she carries.

Arnheid swears that the infant is his and begs him not to strike her stomach. Ketil ceases his assault but informs her that he will never absolve her. He then abandons her in the stable, where she is bleeding and weeping.

Leif’s Request

Leif encounters Snake and requests to see Thorfinn, who has been imprisoned for attacking Snake’s men. Snake consents, but only if Leif can demonstrate Ketil’s approval.

Leif then speaks with Pater, who requests that he purchase Einar and Arnheid from Ketil in addition to Thorfinn. He expresses concern for their future on the farm, especially in light of what happened to Arnheid.

The End

The episode concludes with a shot of Thorfinn observing the heavens from his cage. He recalls his pledge to never murder again and ponders his next move. Watch Vinland Saga Season 2 on Netflix.

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