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What Happened To Sick Valorant? Find Out Why He Was In Jail!


Sick Valorant is an American professional valiant player who plays for Sentinels an Esports group. Sick Valorant has been trending and fans are curious to uncover what happened to Sick Valorant. This article covers everything you need to know about Sick Valorant and what happened to him.

Who Is Sick Valorant?

what happened to sick valorant

Sick Valorant is a famous professional Valorant player and he competes for Sentinels and Esports group. He is known for his aggressive battle and style with exceptional game skills. Sick has led his team to various tournaments and competitions where they emerged winners.

Sick Valorant previously played for Team Rossy and played his recent match against Team Subroza last year December. Sick is now focused on his next target which is the upcoming American League competition VCT 2023.

Sick Valorant has won an estimated price of $114,050, 00 throughout his career and has played about 6087 rounds, and has a rating of 1.178. Sick Valorant was named as a replacement after the conclusion of the roster mania last year but he has not played a professional match since May 2022.

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What Happened To Sick Valorant?

what happened to sick valorant

Sentinel’s Hunter sick Mims has just been released from Jail after he spent 11 days. He was arrested on March 4 after a confrontation occurred at a Ferrari dealership in Texas, which was posted on his Twitter account but was soon deleted.

Sick Valorant was then charged with criminal trespassing after he refused to leave the dealership when he was asked to leave due to the arguments.

Sentinels played a vital role to secure his release bond of $5,000 and they also flew his sister to assist with his release.

Unfortunately, Sick was suspended from the organization pending the completion of his case. Rob Moore who is the CEO of Sentinels has also expressed his sadness of not helping Sick Valorant when he is in his difficult time.

What Did Sentinels Sick Do?

what happened to sick valorant

Hunter Sick Mims on March 4, 2023, was arrested after a confrontation occurred at a Ferrari dealership. The incident came after a week where he publicly conveyed his disappointment with Riot Games and his entire management staff for not allowing him to enter the VCT Lock in Sao Paulo Tournament.

According to reports Sick Valorant was trying to purchase a car from Ferrari but refused to leave the private property which lead to his arrest. Sentinels then suspended him until he completes his training and their CEO has revealed plans of helping him during his challenging time.

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Who Is Sick Valorant Dating?

what happened to sick valorant

Sick Valorant is currently not in any real relationship at the moment and he has not made any public statements about his current relationship status. It is not known to the public if he is single or dating as he keeps his personal life private and away from the public.

However, Kissubie was spotted in one of his YouTube videos that he posted which was later confirmed to be his ex-girlfriend. Kissubie also revealed in a Twitch stream that they were in an open relationship at a point but they have since broken up and are just on speaking terms.

The reason for their break up has also not been revealed yet but rumors made around that Kissubie had ended their relationship after she discovered Sick was cheating on her with another girl when they were still dating.

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