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What Happened To Edgar Hansen? Why Was The Northwestern Crew Charged? Find Out Everything Here!


Edgar Hansen has been missing on Deadliest Catch and fans are wondering what happened to the talented fisherman. This article is aimed at revealing everything you need to know about Edgar Hansen as well as what happened to him.

Deadliest Catch

what happened to edgar hansen

Deadliest Catch is one of the most popular reality show on TV now. The show has all the eye-catching surprises, dangers, and actions as well as hundreds of crabs. The reality show shows the details of working on a crab boat and all the tricks in catching them.

The show also has plenty of vast stars and memorable crew members including Sig Hansen and his Northwestern boat. Fans have also caught that Hansen has been taking charge of the show since Season 15 and they are curious to find out what had happened.

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Who Is Edgar Hansen?

what happened to edgar hansen

Edgar Hansen is a popular American fishing reality television cast in Deadliest Catch. He was born in the United States to Sverre and Snefryd Hasen who are from Norway. He was raised in Seattle Washington DC. While growing up Edgar was fun to be with as he often goes fishing in their local river with his two brothers and father.

Edgar Hansen did not have a formal education and he devoted his life to fishing and making money to pursue his fishing career.

Edgar Hansen’s Disappearance

what happened to edgar hansen

Edgar Hansen served on his brother’s Northwestern boat Sig Hansen from season 9 until the Fourteen seasons when he disappeared from the show. Not only that he resembles his brother but he had a more laid-back vibe than him which has also helped him to be a fan favorite.

He is also a good fisherman and has been said to have the most important skill of anyone summing a higher role on a crab boat. The astonishing part of Edgar’s disappearance was that it was not covered on the show and he left without any news or explanation which has left fans speculating about what went wrong.

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What Happened To Edgar Hansen?

what happened to edgar hansen

Edgar Hansen was involved in a sexual abuse case involving a 16-year-old girl whose name was not revealed. The teenager told a therapist about what had happened between them and after about a year later the news broke out.

The young girl revealed that something happened at a house located in Washington Snohomish County. The girl’s identity was however not revealed. Dgar Hansen’s wife confronted him about the allegations but he denied any involvement in the act.

what happened to edgar hansen

However, Edgar Hansen eventually plead guilty to the offense. It was reported by People that he touched the girl inappropriately and he also forced her to do the same to him. He was later charged with fourth-degree assault with sexual motivation and was suspended for a 364-day sentence with no jail time but he was slammed with a two years probation and paid a fine of more than $6,000.

Edgar Hansen also went through an evaluation for sexual deviance and it was requested he gave a DNA sample to the police.

Edgar Hansen also revealed that he went through treatment to ensure such a thing does not occur again.

What Happened To Edgar Hansen After The Charges?

It has not yet been verified but it was revealed that he got fired from the show away from the public.

It has also been revealed by some reporters that although he has been fired from the show, he still works at Northwestern and some fans have claimed to have seen him in the background of a couple of shots.

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