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Married for 120 Days Chapter 70: Know the Spoilers And Release Date Here!


Married for 120 Days Chapter 70: The first story in the original Manhwa, “Married for 120 Days,” by Jaegyum, is about Elouise Starwood. She always thought luck was with her. Her looks were better than normal. She had grace, beauty, and an elegant air about her. She always had the ease of a princess when she walked.

She was sure she would marry into a well-known family, but as time went on, she saw the truth. When your family is struggling to make ends meet, you can’t have a beautiful wedding. She was also taking care of her niece by herself.

As time went on, she had to wake up from my dream of living in a fairy tale. When she least expected it, a marriage proposal from the wealthiest family in the country came. What was best was. But she had already met Marcus Hanger the day before.

In this article, we will discuss Married for 120 Days Chapter 70 Release Date And a Recap of the previous chapter. Scroll down and read the entire article if you want to get all the details.

Married for 120 Days Chapter 70 Quick Info!

Title Married for 120 Days
Author Jagyum, Saeng-gang
Chapter 70
Release Date May 2, 2023
Where to Read Pocket Comics

When and Where to Read Married for 120 Days Chapter 70?

Chapter 70 of “Married for 120 Days” will come out on May 13, 2023 (KST). Want to know where to find Chapter 70 of Married for 120 Days? The Manhwa is posted on its official site, which for English readers is Pocket Comics and for Korean users is Kakao Page.

The readers should know that they can only read the last five parts if they buy the book. Did you read Married for 120 Days Chapter 69? Take a glimpse of Chapter 69 here.

In Chapter 69 of Married for 120 Days, we see that Mr. Hanger still wants to find Ellouise. He goes looking for her and ends up at the place where she lives now. He talks to Abigail, who tells him that Ellouise has always been waiting for someone.

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When he hears Abigail say this, he starts to wonder if he could be the person Ellouise is waiting for. At least, he hopes it will happen. Abigail comes in to tell Ellouise what happened after she said goodbye to Mr. Hanger.

Ellouise knew he was coming to visit and look for her. She feels sad about how dark she looks when she wears a blanket. When they first met her in Cliff a few years ago, she was very different. Abigail tells Ellouise that she should meet him and talk to him before it’s too late.

Married for 120 Days Chapter 70

Ellouise agrees and goes out to meet Mr. Hanger. She was wrong to think that he would be happy living in the city. He seemed quite daunted. When they start to feel awkward around each other, she says that she knows why he is there. She tells him all of this as she shows him the diamond, which makes Mr. Hanger a little sad.

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