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Is Jack Whitehall Gay? What Is the Sexuality of British Comedian and Actor?


The British comedian and actor Jack Whitehall, who is 31 years old, became well known in the U.S. because of his Netflix show, Travels with My Father, which is now in its third season.

This time, Jack and his father Michael are taking over the United States. They are going to places like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.

Together, they do naked yoga, talk about the Spice Girls, and even do what Jack’s dad calls “homoerotic man-on-man wrestling.”

So, it makes you wonder: Is Jack Whitehall gay? Find out by reading on.

Is Jack Whitehall Gay?

is jack whitehall gay

No, Jack Whitehall is not gay. Some people didn’t like it when Jack Whitehall played a gay character.

It doesn’t look like Travels with My Father is the first time that Jack Whitehall’s sexuality has been questioned. Back in 2018, when he was chosen to play an openly gay guy named McGregor Houghton in Disney’s upcoming Jungle Cruise, the response was not very positive.

“I just feel a little weird about people luring a community with queer stories, getting our money, and then not properly showing or caring about queer people or even involving them at all in your whole “gay project,” one person wrote on Twitter.

He went on to say, “The problem with Jack Whitehall is that they use him to play a very stereotypical campy snob.” “If you’re going to have the gay character be camp, which I know is entertaining for the audience, at least let a gay person play them.”

Even the controversial Piers Morgan joined the chat to ask, “You’re not gay, @jackwhitehall????” So, it seems pretty clear that Jack isn’t gay, even though he hasn’t directly responded to the comments about his upcoming part other than to say he was “honored” to be cast.

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Who Is Jack Whitehall Dating?

is jack whitehall gay

Jack Whitehall is dating a woman named ROXY Horner. Even though he likes to keep his personal life quiet, he has been with her for a long time.

Roxy Horner was already well-known on her own as a model. The model is from Essex, and at the age of 17, she made her first appearance in British Vogue. She has been working with the modeling firm Premier Model Management for more than ten years.

She has modeled for Boohoo, Superdry, and Boux Avenue, among other well-known names. Roxy has done small roles in movies and plays. Jack recently talked about the time Roxy fell over at the Brit Awards in 2021, which he was hosting.

She was taken to the hospital, where her diabetes was found. Before she met Jack Whitehall, Roxy was with singer Jack Bugg for two years. In December 2019, they broke up.

She has also been tied to Leonardo DiCaprio and Joey Essex, who are both famous actors. After they were accused of spending the night in a hotel together, Roxy said that she and Leo were just friends, but they were seen together several times in London and New York.

Joey and Roxy are both from Essex, but they are said to have broken up before Joey appeared on The Only Way Is Essex.

Metro UK says that from 2011 to 2017, Jack dated the model Gemma Chan for six years.

is jack whitehall gay

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The couple met on the set of Fresh Meat. A representative for Jack confirmed the breakup in September 2017 by saying, “For the past couple of years, they’ve both had trouble making time for each other and since their busy schedules don’t seem to be slowing down, they’ve decided to go their separate ways.”

In February 2018, people started saying that actor Jack Whitehall and singer Dua Lipa were dating because they went out together after Whitehall hosted the 2018 Brit Awards. “There was no denying the chemistry between them,” said a person who knew them well. “Jack was smiling from ear to ear as they talked, and it was clear that Dua enjoyed the attention.”

At the moment, it seems like Jack’s major priorities are his career and spending time with his family. He has roles in the movies Jungle Cruise, Clifford, the Big Red Dog, and Mouse Guard.

The whole point of Travels with My Father is that Jack wants to see if his family will come join him in Los Angeles, and maybe even move there, if he lives there full time.

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