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Oshi No Ko Episode 5 Recap: The Most Dramatic Episode Yet!


Oshi No Ko Episode 5 Recap: As the season gets closer to the middle, Oshi no Ko keeps adding new characters and pushing Aqua and Ruby in new ways.

After Kana Arima worked with Aqua on the same movie that Ai Hoshino was in, they became friends with her.

But now that reality dating shows and new idol groups are part of the mix, the show will take interesting and deep new turns for everyone involved.

In this article, we will discuss Oshi No Ko Episode 5 Recap And Many other things. So Scroll down and read the entire article if you want to get all the details.

Oshi No Ko Episode 5 Recap!

In Oshi No Ko Episode 5, Kana keeps track of what people say about her work on social media, even after the season finale of her show aired. She finds it interesting that some of them compliment Aqua’s performance, even though he didn’t have much experience.

While she is reading these comments, he sends her a text message asking her to meet him because he has something important to talk about.

Oshi No Ko Episode 5 Recap

Kana thinks he might ask her to marry him, but when she finally shows up, Aqua tells her that it’s his sister who wants to talk to her. When they finally have a chance to talk, Kana asks her to join her Strawberry Productions-based singing group.

She says she needs time to think about it, but Kana thinks it’s clear she can’t do it because it could hurt her acting job. But Aqua gets down on one knee and gets her to sign a deal with Strawberry Productions, even though she doesn’t want to until the last minute.

At the same time, he has already started working on a dating show. Kaburagi was able to get him to do it by saying that he would tell secrets about Ai’s love life once the filming was done. Aqua thinks that this could help him find his real father and figure out what happened to his mother.

Ruby asks Kana about what she did with her free time when she didn’t have any acting jobs. They were spending time together. Kana knows that Ruby is just bored, so she tells her to study something since it will probably help her get into a good college.

She goes on to say that star groups usually perform at clubs where they sing and dance, and sometimes they also work in the media. But they don’t even have a name for their group yet, and they don’t have any songs yet, so they can’t do much right now.

Ruby then says that they still don’t have names because Kana is so stubborn and keeps making things very hard. It turns out that Kana doesn’t want to name her hero group because she feels embarrassed that they haven’t done anything yet.

Miyako comes in with a camera at this point. She says that, when they first started out, idols used to hand out flyers for their shows on their own to slowly build a fan base. But in the current world, things are different, and she thinks that Ruby and Kana need to use social media to become more well-known.

Oshi No Ko Episode 5 Recap

Kana doesn’t think this is a good idea because they would never get enough fans on social media to sell enough tickets to their shows. Miyako has already thought about this, which is interesting. She says that Strawberry Productions is in charge of some very well-known leaders, and she has asked one of them to help Ruby and Kana today.

Then, a man bodybuilder in a mask walks into the room, and Ruby knows him as Pieyon, the masked YouTuber who posts about strength training. Kana doesn’t seem to like him at all until Pieyon tells her that he makes 100 million yen every year from his social media profile. You can watch Episode 5 on Netflix.

Oshi No Ko Episode 5 Review!

In the first episode of this show, a pop star was killed in front of her children while she talked to them while they cried. In episode 5 of this show, two wannabe stars worked out and danced with the hottest guy you’ve ever seen wearing a bird mask.

That’s not even the strangest thing about this. The weirdest thing about these two scenes is that they both happen in the same season of this show and make sense within the show’s timeline. This show is strange, but its strangeness is what makes it so charming.

I thought this was an episode that set the stage for big things to come. There wasn’t much that happened in this episode that was important on its own, but when things finally get going, we’ll all be glad that this episode was there to connect the two parts of the show.

Both of the worlds in the show are important and interesting in the same way. It seems strange to say this about a story about solving a murder case and a story about two girls starting an idol group, but here we are.

Ruby was the focus of Oshi no Ko Episode 5, which was the first time in the series that she had more screen time than Aqua. She wasn’t working on anything as important as he was, and she wasn’t even half as interesting or thoughtful as he was.

Still, it was a nice change of pace to see someone not think so much about everything as Aqua does and just go with the flow. Aqua would have given what the big guy made the two girls do a second thought. Ruby? Not all that much, and that’s fine.

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