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What Happened To Tim Rogers Wife? Everything You Need To know so far!


Sad news has emerged from the family of pastor Tim Roger’s family. Sheireta Rogers is the wife of famous American pastor Tim Rodgers. Here is everything to know about what happened to Tim Rogers’s wife Sheireta Rogers.

What Happened To Pastor Tim Roger’s Wife Sheireta Rodgers?

what happened to tim rogers wife

Pastor Tim Roger’s wife has sadly passed away to the cold hands of death. It is with great sadness the family announced the passing away of Sheireta Rodgers and the news has left many shocked and sad.

As of the time of writing this article, the cause of her death has not been revealed by the family nor has an official statement been made regarding the unfortunate circumstances that befell the family. The insufficient news regarding her death has left many in the community wondering what had happened to her.

However, the community is eagerly waiting for a piece of better information and news from the family and more details would be posted soon from the family. The family has also started receiving support and condolences from friends, the community, and well-wishers.

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Pastor Tim Roger’s Wife Passing Away

What Happened To Tim Rogers Wife

The sudden death of Sheireta Rogers has also been challenging and the family requires time to grieve and mourn their heavy loss. It is expected that the community and well-wishers also offer support and comfort to the family affected by the sudden and tragic death as well as keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

Pastor Tim Rogers And His Wife Sheireta Rodgers

Before her death pastor, Tim Rogers was happily married to Sheireta Rogers and they have seven children together which include Yrazeil, Timara, Timya, Tiffany, Timberly, Tierra, and one more whose name was not mentioned.

The Family is known for their strong commitment and values as well as faith. They are also well-respected members of their community. Despite the recent death of Sheireta Rogers the family continues to be strong and united as well as supportive of one another in this difficult time.

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Who Is Tim Rogers?

what happened to tim rogers wife

Tim Rogers is a famous pastor and recording artist who is based in Blytheville, Arkansas. The famous pastor followed the footsteps of his father Bishop TJ Rogers. Tim Rogers started preaching the gospel when he was about 18 years old.

Tim Rogers founded the vocal musical group, Rogers & the Fellas in 2002. The group used blends of traditional and contemporary elements of soul and gospel music. The family members were also part of the famous group in which Brien, Terrt, and Troy released two albums with the Blackberry label.

The album includes Change in 2009 and Real in 2012. Pastor Tim Rodgers also has a solo alaum which he titled Churchin with Pastor Tim Rogers which he released in 2015.

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