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With Love Season 2: Fans Rejoice as Release Date Is Finally Announced!


We can’t wait for Season 2 of With Love, and we have some great news about it. We know when it will come and what it will be like.

Are you looking forward to seeing Lily, Jorge, Sol, and others again? Of course, you are. You want to know which of the three couples in the series is going to get engaged. We’re almost ready to find out.

We also get a sense of what this season will be like. The first season was about five holidays spread out over the year.

This gave underrepresented groups the exposure they needed around these holidays. Which holidays will be used this time, and what kind of ups and downs will we see in relationships?

When Will Season 2 of With Love Come Out?

The new episodes won’t take too long to come out. The second season will come out on Friday, June 2.

With Love Season 2

It looks like all of the shows will come out at the same time again. This is how the first season went, and the fact that it was broadcast all at once worked so well for this show.

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The plot of Season 2 of With Love!

This season will be all about five big events for family and friends. One of them is a wedding, so it does look like the engagement is going to happen.

We won’t know which couple is getting married until the first show airs. We don’t know for sure if the pair who gets engaged is the same couple who ends up getting married.

Christmas Eve, a proposal party, a bachelor party, Lily’s 30th birthday, and Thanksgiving are the other holidays and events. So, it looks like this season will have six shows.

There are also other things to keep an eye on. Lily will move back in with her parents after living with her brother. All she wants to do is start her own business, but it’s harder than she thought.

Then there’s Jorge. Once he meets Henry’s parents, Jorge will have to figure out how he feels about Henry. He doesn’t like Henry’s parents after all, and he doesn’t know what that means for their relationship.

With Love Season 2

We’ll also learn a little more about Lily and Jorge’s single aunt. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have sexual desires and kinks, and we’ll see some good things about that in the show.

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Who Will Be in The Cast of With Love Season 2?

The cast of With Love season 2 will likely consist of the same actors who played the main characters in the first season. Here is a table of the cast members and their roles:

Actor Role
Emeraude Toubia Lily Diaz
Mark Indelicato Jorge Diaz
Isis King Sol Perez
Todd Grinnell James Anderson
Desmond Chiam Nathan Park
Constance Marie Beatriz Diaz
Benito Martinez Agustin Diaz
Rome Flynn Miles Taylor
Justina Machado Connie Garcia
Vincent Rodriguez III Oli Diaz
Catalina Sandino Moreno Pilar Diaz

Is there Any Trailer for With Love Season 2?

You can watch the Arthdal Chronicles Season 1 on Prime Video. For now, you can watch the trailer for season 2 below:

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