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Is John Leguizamo Gay? What Is the Sexuality of An American Actor?


When you think of the long list of people who can do many different things, you probably think of John Leguizamo. He is an American actor, film director, screenwriter, voice actor, playwright, stand-up comedian, and many other things.

The multi-talented entertainer has worked hard, stuck with it, and been dedicated, which has helped him create more than 10 films, act in 75 films and dozens of TV shows, and win a number of awards and nominations. Among other things, the famous artist is at his best when he does a one-man stage show, where he can show off his natural ability to look like people of different races.

Is John Leguizamo gay? Fans have been curious about this because, like many other stars, John Leguizamo has been the subject of rumors about his sexuality.

Is John Leguizamo Gay?

is john leguizamo gay

No, John Leguizamo is not gay. He is an incredibly talented actor known for his remarkable ability to bring authenticity and depth to any character he portrays, including gay characters. His seamless portrayal of these roles has often led to misconceptions about his own sexual orientation.

It’s important to note that John Leguizamo is not gay, despite the assumptions that might arise due to his extraordinary acting skills. Speculation about his sexuality has emerged because he is a strong ally for the LGBTQ community, championing their rights and causes.

However, the truth remains that John has been only married to women in the past and is currently married to a woman since 2003. His commitment to his wife and his support for the LGBTQ community are separate aspects of his life, demonstrating his dedication to love, understanding, and inclusivity.

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John Leguizamo Advocacy For LGBTQ Community

John Leguizamo recently once again came out swinging in support of LGBTQ people which made queer people cry. In a tweet on April 15, 2023, the John Wick star got his support for the “trans brothers and sisters.”

On social media, his “love is love” post was called “legendary” by his fans.

You want to be a woman or a man, I’m with you,” he wrote. “Because you impact my life in so many great ways. My fam, my friends, my co-workers, and my colleagues. I’m on your team.

is john leguizamo gay

Even though it’s not a big surprise that the star is openly supportive of the LGBTQ community, the feeling was still felt all over. Mason Alexander Park, a non-binary actor, thanked John Leguizamo for his kind words, saying that they meant a lot to them.

is john leguizamo gay

Others pointed to his amazing performance in the 1995 movie To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything!, which also stars RuPaul, as a long-standing sign of his support.

“As a trans person of Latin American descent,” Park wrote, “it means so much to see this from someone I have admired for a long time, especially for your amazing work in To Wong Fu.”

“Thank you for being a good person and someone I admire.”

Others called the star “a true king” and thanked him for just showing his support at a time when LGBTQ rights are uncertain.

Who Is John Leguizamo Married To?

is john leguizamo gay

John Leguizamo is currently married to Justine Maurer since 2003. But he was married twice. The first time, he married actress Yelba Osorio, they were married in 1994 and divorced in 1996. The actor was single from 1996 to 2003, but on July 5, 2003, he got married again, this time to Justine Maurer, a wardrobe designer at Carlito’s Way.

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As John is Catholic and Maurer is Jewish, their wedding was a mix of Catholic and Jewish traditions. Their marriage has been blessed with two children: a daughter named Allegra Sky Leguizamo, who was born in 1999, and a boy named Ryder Lee “Lucas” Leguizamo, who was born the next year. The family lives in Manhattan right now.

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