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Is Takashi 69 Gay? Viral Picture of Him Kissing a Man Sparks Gay Rumors!


Rapper 6ix9ine from the group GOOBA is well-known for both his singing and the way he looks. The public also likes the strange hairstyles that 6ix9ine wears. A lot of people think that his long, colorful braids show that he is gay.

A picture of him kissing a guy has been going around on Twitter recently, which has led many of his fans to wonder if he is gay or straight. So, Is Takashi 69 Gay? Or are these just reports that aren’t true? This article tells you everything you need to know about 6ix9ine’s sexuality.

Is Tekashi 69 Gay?

is takashi 69 gay

No, Tekashi 69 Is not gay. The picture of Tekashi 69 kissing a man that has gone viral on Twitter has recently caught the rapper’s attention. This has led many people to think that he is gay. He has neither stated nor denied that he is dating the man in the picture.

The rapper is in a relationship with his lover, Rachel Wattley, so it is clear that he is not gay. Fans still think he is gay, even though this isn’t true.

The way the GOOBA rapper wears his hair is also still the subject of a lot of rumors. Many people think he is gay because he has long, colorful hair that is braided.

But we can’t assume he’s gay just because he likes to keep his long, colorful hair in good shape. In truth, 6ix9ine has been with a lot of women but has never been with a man. The American rapper is a father of two.

Tekashi 69 and Sara Molina’s daughter was born on October 29, 2015, when they were both 18 years old. He has a second daughter with Marlayna M., who was born on November 19, 2018.

Also, there are many claims that Tekashi 69 has slided into Lil Nas X DM and likes the Montero rapper romantically. In March 2021, Lil Nas X put up a video on TikTok in which he replied to what 6ix9ine had said.

Lil Nas X didn’t stop there, though. He later showed his followers a screenshot of what looked like 6ix9ine sneaking into his direct chats. The picture shows that 6ix9ine spoke with Lil Nas X and said things like,

“I’ll be in your town soon. What are you up to, lol?”

It seems for sure that 6ix9ine had love feelings for Lil Nas X. But in answer to Lil Nas X, 6ix9ine said that the DM is false and that the two haven’t been messaging each other. Still, 6ix9ine could have just gotten rid of them.

6ix9ine said that Lil Nas X’s post was false, but Lil Nas X hasn’t replied to that yet. Because of this, some of 6ix9ine’s fans aren’t sure about his sexuality. People are still talking about the dispute, and the internet is split into two parts.

Even so, it seems like he hasn’t dated any guys and hasn’t said he’s gay. So it’s safe to say that Tekashi 69 is not gay.

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Who Is Tekashi 69 Dating Right Now?

is takashi 69 gay

Tekashi 69 is dating Rachel Wattley as of May 2023. Many of Tekashi 69’s fans don’t know who his girlfriend is because his Instagram is full of pictures of different women.

Jade or Rachel Wattley is the girl Tekashi is dating right now. She just said on Instagram a few days ago that she is going to be a mom. Married Biography says that this will be their first kid together.

Who Has Tekashi 69 Dated in The Past?
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Sara Molina

is takashi 69 gay

Around the beginning of 2011, rapper Tekashi 69 and model Molina began going out together. A friend of theirs brought them together.
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Tekashi 69 was only 16 when they started dating, and he wasn’t as well-known as he is now.

After going out for two years, the two decided to move in together. In 2015, the couple had a girl. Her name is Saraiyah.

As Tekashi reportedly started having sex with more than one woman, including Jade, his relationship with her changed. In 2018, the pair that used to be together finally broke up.

Marlayna M

is takashi 69 gay

In 2018, 6ix9ine started going out with Marlayna. But they haven’t been together longer than a year yet. Layna is best known for her relatonship with Tekashi 6ix9ine, a rapper.

Layna doesn’t talk much about 6ix9ine and their 2-year-old daughter in public. But Layna said in December 2020 that 6ix9ine had not yet met his daughter, who was two years old. 6ix9ine hasn’t said anything in reaction to what she said.

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is takashi 69 gay

In November 2018, when Tekashi was having trouble with Molina, he began dating Jade. They started going out a few weeks before the rapper was sent to prison for racketeering. But as of May 2023, they are going good. In fact, Jade just told the people who follow her on Instagram that she is pregnant.

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