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Jinx Chapter 1: How to Read Jinx Chapter 1 for Free?


How to Read Jinx Chapter 1 for Free? Reading Jinx Chapter 1 for free is a great way to get into this famous series’s fascinating world without having to spend any money.

This article will show you how to get Jinx Chapter 1 for free, whether you’re a longtime fan or a new reader who wants to try out new kinds of stories.

So, get your reading glasses and get ready for an exciting trip through the world of books! Read the full story below if you want the complete picture.

Jinx Quick Info!

Title Jinx
Author Mingwa
Genres Drama, Sports, Yaoi
Official Publisher Lezhin
Where to Read Lezhin Comic

What is The storyline of Jinx?

Jinx by Mingwa is a BL webtoon about a physical therapist named Kim Dan who has had bad luck for as long as he can remember. He has to deal with a grandma who is sick, dangerous loan sharks, and a lack of jobs.

When he meets Lee Joon, a handsome and wealthy CEO, who gives him a job as his personal therapist, his luck seems to change. But Dan soon finds out that Joon is hard to deal with because he has a dark and twisted personality.

Joon is crazy about Dan and wants to take him as his own, even if he has to force or trick him. Dan is stuck in a dangerous and uncertain relationship with Joon, who seems to bring him both good and bad luck. If you like this manhwa you should try Payback.

How to Read Jinx For Free?

This Official publisher of the Manhwa is Lezhin Comics. But on this platform, you have to buy some coins to watch it. However, some chapters are free but most of them are paid. Here is the list of different platforms where you can read the manhwa for free:

  • MangaKakalot: It is a free website where you can read and download thousands of manga without seeing any ads.
  • It is a free website where people can read and download thousands of manga without seeing ads.
  • Vyvymanga is a website for webcomics that has both free and paid episodes of Jinx by Mingwa.
  • Mangabuddy is a site where you can read Jinx by Mingwa for free, but you have to watch ads.

Who is Kim Dan in Jinx?

At age 29, he is a hard worker who is thankful for any job he can get. Since he was fired from his job as a physical therapist, he has been in a financial mess.

Jinx Chapter 1

Now, he has to run away from his landlord and the loan sharks while working part-time jobs that don’t pay him much. Dan is worried about the health of his grandma. He needs money to pay for her hospital bills.

Who is Joo Jaekyung in Jinx?

A legend of the Mixed Martial Arts fighting title who has never lost. He is the strongest man in the world and a monster in the ring. Jaekyung has called him several times to get him to sign the deal. He sees Dan as a way to keep winning in the ring.

Jinx Chapter 1 Full Recap!

At the beginning of the chapter, a physical therapist named Kim Dan wakes up from a dream in which he was being chased by loan sharks. He checks his phone and sees that no one has called or texted him. As he gets ready for work, he feels sad and alone.

He goes to work at a small clinic that is run by an old doctor. A nurse named Minji, who works with him, tells him that he has a new case today. She also tells him to be careful because the patient is very difficult and rude.

When Dan walks into the room of the patient, he sees a handsome guy lying on the bed. Lee Joon is a rich and powerful CEO who was hurt in a car accident. Joon is rude and cold to Dan, and he wants him to rub his legs. Dan tries to be professional and polite, but Joon attacks him and makes fun of him for being poor and unlucky.

Dan loses his temper and snaps at Joon, telling him that he is not his helper and that he should be thankful for his help. Dan’s rage surprises Joon, and he finds Dan interesting. He decides to pay him a lot of money to be his personal doctor. Dan at first says no, but Joon tells him that if he doesn’t accept, he will ruin Dan’s job.

Dan agrees to work for Joon only because he has to, but he isn’t sure if he made the right choice. He doesn’t know why Joon likes him or what he wants from him. Even though Joon is a bad guy, he has a strange attraction to him. He hopes things will get better, but he has a bad feeling about what will happen in the future. Read about the latest Jinx Chapter 23

So this is the end of this post in which we have guided you about how to watch Jinx for free and we also gave you a recap of Jinx Chapter 1. For more updates stay tuned with Crossover99.

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