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Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 283 Release Date: Don’t Miss the Latest Chapter of the Manga!


Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 283 Release Date: Are you looking forward to reading more about Rent A Girlfriend? Since there have been more than 200 chapters, our main character, Kazuya Kinoshita, who is shy and has no real goals, could use some character growth. Author-kun, what are you still writing?

Anyway, Rent A Girlfriend is a Romance and Comedy book about the lives of Kazuya Kinoshita and Chizure Ichinose. Kinoshita is like that gangster figure in the class that no one remembers. Kinoshita Kazuya has no redeeming traits.

He can’t have proper conversations with anyone or even have friends. Somehow, Kinoshita Kazuya barely got into a university and got a girlfriend, which, as you might expect, dumbed Kinoshita Kazuya.

In this article, we will discuss Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 283 Release Date, a Recap of the previous article, and much more. Scroll down and read the complete article if you wish to obtain all information.

Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 283 Quick Info!

Title Rent A Girlfriend
Author Miyajima Reiji
Chapter 283
Release Date May 20, 2023
Where to Read Kanojo-okarishimasu

When and Where to Read Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 283?

Miyajima Reiji wrote and drew Rent A Girlfriend, which is a Japanese manga. Rent A Girlfriend is in the Comedy, Ecchi Harem Romance, School Life Shounen, and Slice of Life styles. Rent a Girlfriend is released by Kodansha and is in the Shuukan Shounen Magazine. Chapter 248 of Rent a Girlfriend will come out on May 20, 2023.

Officially, you can read Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 283 and all of its English chapters on Kanojo-okarishimasu. Also, please don’t read Rent A Girlfriend or any other manga on websites with pirated material. The people who make mangas for us put a lot of time and effort into making them, and you should support them.

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Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 282 Recap!

The events of Rent a Girlfriend Chapter 282 begin with Kinoshita Kazuya doing what he does best: spending his time in his room reading manga and watching anime while eating the bare minimum.

Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 283 Release Date

When Kinoshita Kazuya noticed that the clock was getting closer to midnight, he began to feel hungry and made the decision to go out and purchase some bowls of noodles.

When Kinoshita Kazuya got out of his room, he ran into Ichinose Chizuru, who was also going out to get a makeup remover.

Kinoshita Kazuya immediately became flustered upon seeing Ichinose Chizuru, and when Ichinose Chizuru made a suggestion to go out together, Kinoshita Kazuya agreed, and they both walked together to the convenience store.


The Japanese novel Rent A Girlfriend is about Kazuya Kinoshita and Chizure Ichinose. It’s a comedy, a school life shounen, a slice of life, and a harem romance. Kodansha and Shuukan Shounen Magazine put it out. On May 20, 2023, chapter 248 will come out. Don’t read it on sites that have stolen content.

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