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Pure Villain Chapter 51: Fans Rejoice as Release Date Is Finally Announced!


Pure Villain Chapter 51 Release Date: The next part of Pure Villain will be out soon, and readers are very excited to read it. Fans of Woosub are very sad about how the last chapter finished.

Rosa didn’t know that Woosub liked her, so in the next couple of chapters, we’ll find out how things will go between them. Doryung kissed Rosa, which he later regretted because he didn’t want to kiss her while he was drunk.

Doryung was really upset, but he was able to pull himself together because he cared about Rosa and wanted to do the right thing. But since it was late, Doryung decided to go to sleep and ask her the next day.

He tried to sleep, but he was so worried that he couldn’t. Rosa seemed to be in a pretty bad mood the next morning. She just said hello and went on.

Doryung thought that she didn’t remember the kiss they shared the night before. Doryung tried to talk to him at work, but she avoided him the whole day. She told him silly things, like she was busy at work and couldn’t talk to him. After she ignored him too many times, he finally got in touch with Rosa and asked her what was wrong.

The Pure Villain Manhwa story has a lot of fans. Then you should read this blog post! As the fantasy manhwa Pure Villain comes back with Chapter 51, we’re sure fans are excited to see what happens in the next episodes. Read the full article to get all details about Pure Villain Chapter 51 Release Date.

Pure Villain Chapter 51 Quick Info!

Title Pure Villain
Author Seyoon
Chapter 51
Release Date May 25
Where to Read Webtoon

When And Where to Read Pure Villain Chapter 51?

Fans, be ready to cheer! On Thursday, May 25, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. KST (Korean Standard Time), the much-awaited Chapter 51 of “Pure Villain” will be made available to read online for the first time.

On Webtoon, the next chapter of Pure Villain will be released soon. Naver Comic is the platform on which readers in South Korea can access Pure Villain Chapter 51.

Pure Villain Chapter 50 Recap!

Doryung worried that Rosa wanted to think it was a mistake, but he knew she wasn’t just a fan. Rosa’s boss told her the next day that she couldn’t go any more since she had become a special police officer and that she should go back to school.

Rosa didn’t want to go, though. A guy at school told Rosa that he liked her, and then everyone wanted his autograph. She was very surprised by how they reacted since she hadn’t expected that at all.

She had to hide her face for the rest of the day so they wouldn’t notice her. Rosa really liked that, but she was nervous because it was her first time being the center of attention. Woosub then joined her.

Pure Villain Chapter 51 Release Date

Rosa asked him for advice, and he told her to just enjoy being famous. Woosub told her that Rosa had become very famous, but she brushed it off and said it didn’t matter.

Woosub asked her if she was going to keep hanging out with her. Rosa didn’t understand why she would ask her such a question.

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Woosub told her that she was well-known now, and she told him that they would always hang out together. Woosub let her know he was joking when he asked if she had talked to Doryung.

Rosa asked Woosub what he meant, and he told her that Doryung had been avoiding her at the fair. Rosa understood that he was talking about that day, so Woosub asked her why he was avoiding her. Rosa told him that he thought Woosub liked her because he had misunderstood something.


The next episode of Pure Villain will be out at 6 p.m. KST (Korean Standard Time) on Thursday, May 25, 2023. Fans of Woosub can’t wait to see what happens between them. Doryung regretted kissing Rosa, but he was able to get himself together.

The next morning, Rosa seemed upset, so Doryung went to work to talk to her, but she dodged him. He finally got in touch with Rosa and asked her what was wrong after she had ignored him too many times. Stay Tuned with crossover99 for more updates.

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