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Does Harrison Ford Have Parkinson’s Disease? Portraying Character on “Shrinking” Sparks Speculations!


Bill Lawrence, Brett Goldstein, and Jason Segel’s new comedy about loss, “Shrinking,” is available on Apple TV+. The legendary Harrison Ford plays a wise and very funny therapist who just found out he has Parkinson’s Disease.

As Paul, played by Ford, juggles work, friends, and family, we see him deal with his Parkinson’s and learn to live with it. Some fans are starting to wonder if Ford really does have Parkinson’s Disease because he is so good in the show.

Parkinson’s disease is a problem of the central nervous system that gets worse over time. It affects movement, muscle control, and other things. At different times, the symptoms can be different, but according to the Cleveland Clinic, they can include everything from an unstable posture to muscle tremors.

We know that Harrison Ford’s character Paul in the movie “Shrinking” has Parkinson’s Disease, but does he have it in real life? Let’s look more closely at what led to the important plot in Shrinking.

Is Harrison Ford Sick? Does He Have Parkinson’s?

harrison ford illness

No, Harrison Ford is not sick. Even though Paul, Ford’s character in Shrinking, has Parkinson’s Disease, the 80-year-old actor doesn’t have the disease, as far as we know.

From the nine screeners of Shrinking that were made available for review, it’s clear that Ford handles his character’s disorder with care, which makes for some very emotional scenes.

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What Inspired Shrinking‘s Parkinson’s Disease Storyline?

So Ford doesn’t have Parkinson’s Disease, but the show’s plot about “The Shrinking” still has personal roots.

The father of co-creator Brett Goldstein is said to have Parkinson’s disease, and co-creator Bill Lawrence told SlashFilm that his 75-year-old father “has something called Lewy bodies, which is what Robin Williams had.”

It’s a type of dementia with hallucinations caused by brain damage.”

harrison ford illness

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Goldstein and Lawrence both find it helpful to laugh when they are having a hard time, so when they noticed they were both writing comedies about grief and therapy while working on Ted Lasso, they decided to combine their ideas and make Shrinking.

On Apple TV+, you can now watch the first season of Shrinking.

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