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Who is Isabel in Fast and Furious 10?


Dom Toretto’s family now includes Isabel. At first, not much is known about the Fast and Furious character’s past because she seems to be on the side of the movie’s bad guy, Dante.

However, we soon find out that her connections to Dom Toretto and his son are much more complicated than that. In the end, she becomes an important character in the new movie, so here’s everything you need to know about Isabel in Fast and Furious 10.

Who is Isabel in Fast and Furious 10?

Daniela Melchio plays Isabel, a new character in Fast and Furious 10. You might not think she has much in common with Dom Toretto, but she does. Isabel is Elena Neves’ sister. She races cars on the streets of Rio.

Based on what happened in Fast and Furious 8, it has been a few years since Elena’s death when we meet Isabel in Fast X. In The Fate and the Furious, Connor Rhodes killed Elena after cyberterrorist Cipher took her and her son Marcos, whom she shares with Dom Toretto.

Who is Isabel in Fast and Furious 10?

Isabel is presented as a street racer who seems to have feelings for Dante. She and Dante race against Toretto in Rio, Brazil, but it is Toretto who saves her after Dante sets a bomb under her car.

Later, Toretto goes to her house, where she tells him that she is Elena’s sister and Marcos’s aunt through his mother. She then gives him a secret file about Dante that tells him everything about his criminal past and how sociopathic he is.

Later, when Toretto and Dante get into a fight in Portugal, Tess is shot and badly hurt. At this point, Isabel comes to take Tess to the hospital. She tells Toretto to keep working for his son, her nephew because he needs his help.

Is John Cena on the Fast X team?

In Fast X, John Cena is not a full member of Dom’s team, but he is allowed to help Dom’s son escape from Dante’s hired guns.

Between the two movies, it’s clear that Jakob has kept in touch with Dom and their sister Mia. He’s not an official member of the team, but he’s a good friend.

When soldiers working for Jason Momoa’s new supervillain Dante Reyes show up to take Dom’s son, Brian, Jakob comes with a lot of weapons to help Mia fight them off.

He then goes on a sort of road trip with Brian as they try to avoid being caught. As we said in our review of Fast X, it gives Cena a great chance to show off how good he is at silly comedy.

The end of that car trip is a fight with Dante and his thugs, which turns out to be very dangerous. Check out our page about how Fast X ends to learn more about how everything turns out.

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