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The Dangers in My Heart Episode 9: Here’s the Release Date, Spoilers and Where to Watch It Online!


The Dangers in My Heart Episode 9: The Dangers in My Heart is a new anime that airs this season. It is a quirky love comedy. In the story, Kyotaro is a boy who only thinks about killing people. He wants to kill Yamada, who is well-liked at his school.

After briefly meeting her in the library, Kyotaro finds out that Yamada is a bit of a ditz, which makes him want to cheer her on from the side. As they spend more time together, Kyotaro will discover that he is no longer thinking about murder, but about something much better.

In this article, we will discuss The Dangers in My Heart Episode 9 release date, spoilers, a Recap of the last episode, and much more. Scroll down and read the whole story if you want to know everything.

The Dangers in My Heart Episode 9 Quick Info!

Title The Dangers in My Heart
Written By Hiroaki Yoshikawa
Episode 9
Release Date May 27, 2023
Where to Watch HiDive

When And Where to Read The Dangers in My Heart Episode 9?

The ninth episode of Season 1 of The Dangers in My Heart will come out on Saturday, May 27 at around 6 pm (GMT), 7:30 am (PT), and 1 pm (CT). Obviously, it depends on how fast the platform posts new episodes.

You can still expect this to happen pretty close to when the game comes out. The Dangers in My Heart did not come with a dub when it came out, so it will be spoken in Japanese with English subtitles. The voice-overs will be added later on.

The Dangers in My Heart Episode 9

The Dangers in My Heart can be streamed on HiDive in places other than Asia. This includes both the United States and Europe. The series is available on Prime, but the service will only view it in Japan. At the time this was written, there were no plans for this show to be on Hulu or Crunchyroll.

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The Dangers in My Heart Episode 8 Recap!

In the eighth episode of Dangers in My Heart, called “I Had a Dream,” Yamada introduced Chihiro to Ichikawa after she told him that she did her chores in the library to keep her grades up.

During the conversation, it was clear that Ichikawa had learned how to talk to girls better. During the parent-teacher news conference, Yamada also met Ichikawa’s mother.

Later in the episode, Ichikawa rode his bike through the rain to bring some things that Yamada had given him by mistake when they first met. This made Ichikawa get a fever, and Yamada came to see him soon after.

Because Ichikawa’s health was bad, he was tired, so Yamada hugged him. Later, it was shown that Yamada had gotten sick, likely from being around Ichikawa.

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The Dangers in My Heart Episode 9 Spoilers: What to Expect?

Yamada will probably get sick in episode 9 of “Danger in My Heart” because she had a sore throat after taking care of Ichikawa. This could make the second character feel bad and take care of her, which could lead to some sweet times between the two.

The Dangers in My Heart Episode 9

Still, there is a chance that Yamada will be shown to understand how she feels about Ichikawa. Even though it’s clear from what she does and how she feels that she likes Ichikawa, the anime hasn’t yet shown how she feels about it.


This season, a new cartoon called The Dangers in My Heart is being shown. It’s about a boy named Kyotaro who wants to kill Yamada, a popular boy at his school. Kyotaro finds out she is stupid after meeting her in the library. On Saturday, May 27, at 6 pm (GMT), 7:30 am (PT), and 1 pm (CT), the ninth episode of Season 1 will be released. It will be spoken in Japanese, with English subtitles. Voice-overs will be added later.

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