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Everything You Need to Know About Life Without Hope a New Chapter Cast!


Life Without Hope a New Chapter Cast: It is an action movie that stars Columbus Short, Erica Peeples, and Erica Page. It was directed by Leo Sullivan. It is a follow-up to the 2020 movie Life Without Hope, which was based on the same-named book.

The movie is about a career criminal named Life Thugstin. He wants to leave the drug business and start a new life with his girlfriend, Hope. But he faces a deadly challenge from a corrupt cop who is eager to bring him down.

In this article, we will Discuss Life Without Hope: A New Chapter Cast, And Its Storyline. Scroll all the way down and read the entire article if you want to obtain all of the information.

What is the Storyline of Life Without Hope: A New Chapter?

At the start of the movie, Life and Hope are living happily together after fleeing Evilyn, Hope’s evil twin sister who tried to kill them in the last movie. Life has chosen to stop dealing drugs and put his money into legal businesses instead. He also wants to ask Hope to marry him and have kids with her.

But his past comes back to haunt him when he finds out that a corrupt cop with a personal grudge against him, Major Clay Stokes, is on his trail. Stokes thinks that Life killed his partner, and he wants Life to pay. He works with Evilyn’s old partner Trina, who survived the gunfight at the end of the first movie, to frame Life for a murder he didn’t do.

Life Without Hope a New Chapter Cast

Life and Stokes are playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse, and Stokes will do anything to catch Life. He has to use his skills and smarts to avoid Stokes’ tricks and show that he is not guilty.

He must also keep Hope safe and make sure that their relationship stays strong. Along the way, some of his old friends help him, like his loyal right-hand man Big Mike and his hacker friend Marcus.

Will Life be able to make things right with Hope and live happily ever after? Or will Stokes be able to crush his hopes and end his life? Find out by watching Life Without Hope: A New Chapter.

Life Without Hope a New Chapter Cast!

Columbus Short as Life Thugstin

Columbus Short is an actor, singer, and dancer from the United States. Stomp the Yard, This Christmas, and Scandal are the movies where he is best known for his parts. He plays the main character, Life Thugstin, who is a smart and charming thief who wants to change and settle down with the woman he loves.

Life Without Hope a New Chapter Cast

Erica Peeples as Hope

American actor Erica Peeples has been in movies like “True to the Game,” “Definitely Divorcing,” and “Wicked City.” She plays Hope, a beautiful and kind woman who loves Life no matter what and stands by him through good times and bad.

Erica Page as Trina.

American actor Erica Page has been in films like Saints & Sinners, Ambitions, and The Oval. She plays Trina, a woman who is cruel and smart and works with Stokes to bring down Life. In the first movie, she was Evilyn’s right-hand woman and lived through her betrayal.

Marlon Hayes as Big Mike

American actor Marlon Hayes has been in shows like Rackades, Philly Roulette, and Sisters. He plays Big Mike, who is Life’s loyal friend and crime partner who helps him get out of danger.

Juba Lomotey as Bailiff

American actor Juba Lomotey has been in movies like The Bargain, Weekend Pass, and Black Dots. He plays Bailiff, a crooked police officer who works for Stokes and helps him frame Life for murder.

Jocelyn Castor as Swat Officer

American actor Jocelyn Castor has been in shows like The Walking Dead: World Beyond, The Resident, and Dynasty. She plays Swat Officer, a member of the elite police team who is part of the chase for Life.

Life Without Hope a New Chapter Cast

Jennifer Ansari as Evilyn

Jennifer Ansari is an American actor who has been in shows like The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, and Legacies. She plays Hope’s bad twin sister Evilyn, who tried to kill Hope and Life in the first movie. In this movie, she shows up in memories and hallucinations.

Tavious Peters as Marcus

American actor Tavious Peters has been in The Quad, Star, and Greenleaf. He plays Marcus, Life’s friend who is a hacker and helps him get information and stay out of trouble.

Stephen Drury Phillips as Scandels

American actor Stephen Drury Phillips has been in Ozark, MacGyver, and Cobra Kai. He plays a drug dealer named Scandels who works for Stokes and tries to set up Life.

Leo Sullivan as Major Clay Stokes

American director, writer, and producer Leo Sullivan also wrote the book Life Without Hope. He plays Major Clay Stokes, a corrupt police officer who hates Life and wants to ruin his life.

Clay Stokes as Judge Stafford

Clay Stokes is an American actor who has been in Tyler Perry’s movies The Haves and the Have Nots, Ruthless, and Bruh. He plays Judge Stafford, a crooked judge who helps Stokes put Life in jail.

Black Pearl as NaJma Shy

American actor NaJma Shy has been in Tyler Perry’s shows Sistas, P-Valley, and Queen Sugar. She plays Black Pearl, a stripper who works for Trina and tries to get Life to fall in love with her.

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Cornelius Andrews as Inmate/Jury

American actor Cornelius Andrews has been in shows like The Gifted, Doom Patrol, and Black Lightning. He plays both the prisoner who shares a cell with Life and the jury who decides his fate in the play Inmate/Jury.

Michia Johnson as Girlfriend

American actor Michia Johnson has appeared in Tyler Perry movies like Acrimony, A Fall from Grace, and Young Dylan. She plays Girlfriend, a man named Marcus’s girlfriend.

Tony Hanson as Blazack

American actor Tony Hanson has been in shows like The Resident, Dynasty, and MacGyver. He plays Blazack, a drug kingpin who gives Life a job.

Diji Twin as Diji Twin

American artist Diji Twin has been in True to the Game 3. In this movie, he plays himself (for credit only).

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