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Hard Feelings Ending Explained: How This Movie Broke the Internet with Its Shocking Ending!


Hard Feelings Ending Explained: Hard Feelings starts with a slow-motion video of wet bodies in swimsuits. A group of high schoolers chant “Charly’s not a dick” at an awkward teenager as he jumps into the school pool.

It cuts quickly to Charly hiding in the locker room while teenage boys swing their big dicks around. Then we meet Charly’s best friend, Paula. Like Charly, Paula is a late bloomer who dresses like a boy and is just as awkward and self-conscious as he is.

Throughout the movie, we see Charly and Paula deal with their new sexual desires, which have pros and cons, as well as their parents’ love and relationship lives.

In this article, we will discuss Hard Feelings Ending Explained, What is Hard Feelings All About? And Much more. Read the full story below if you want the complete picture.

What is Hard Feelings About?

The German comedy Hard Feelings is about two best friends trying to get through high school while dealing with embarrassing new urges and strong feelings for each other.

The official plot summary says, “Charly and Paula have a hard time finding their place in high school, but at least they have each other.”

“In the middle of hurtful school drama and wild parties, Charly and Paula find out what they really want, and they start to realize that their bodies and their relationship might be more beautiful and exciting than they thought.”

Hard Feelings is a “modernized spin-off to two huge blockbuster hits in Germany” from the 2000s: Ants in the Pants and More Ants in the Pants.

Hard Feelings Ending Explained!

What Does Everyone Do at the Party?

Charly goes to the party with Francoise, which doesn’t make Marlene very happy. Soon after, Paula and Constantin show up. People get drunk and the party gets loud.

Paula overhears some girls talking badly about her. They call her a slut who takes money for sex because they saw her earlier in a sex shop.

Hard Feelings Ending Explained

She says she doesn’t want to sleep with Constantin, but he sneaks her into a room anyway. Before anything else can happen, it comes out that Constantin has a small penis and has trouble ejaculating early.

He tells Paula he’s sorry, and she tells him there’s nothing to worry about. She knows that stories hurt, so she won’t say anything bad about him.

Unfortunately, Constantin cares too much about his reputation and tells his friends that he slept with Paula. He also says that she is a sex addict and a crazed person in bed.

Charly gets very drunk, leaves Francoise, and ends up in Marlene’s bed, naked. The next morning, she posts pictures of herself with him and tells him that they slept together. Charly and his penis talk about it and both say that they don’t remember it.

What Must Pual Deal With?

As soon as Charly started hanging out with Marlene, reports about Paula’s sex addiction and services spread like wildfire through the school. The first one gets famous, while Puala starts to fall apart.

She talks to Constantin about it, and he tells her in a rude way that even if Paula tells the truth about his penis problems, no one will believe her over him.

She is upset and tries to ask Charly for help, but he is too drunk on his new fame and girlfriend to hear her. At some point, we see Marlene and Constantin talking, and they start to flirt again.

It turns out that they paid attention to other people on purpose to make each other feel bad. When Paula sees Marlene and Constantin making out in the school bathroom, it gives Charly the wake-up call he needs. She tells him where to go, but she never wants to see his face again.

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What Does Charly Want to Do?

The young boy whose penis can talk is sad. He loses both his best friend and his “girlfriend.” His parents break up, and he forgets to study for his final tests.

He doesn’t write anything during the test, so it’s no surprise that he fails. He hides under a bridge and tries to hurt his penis with a glass bottle because he is upset. As the genitalia begs for forgiveness, Charly sees that Paula is about to jump off the bridge.

He goes to talk to her, and that’s when they both realize they’ve been talking to themselves. Paula falls, and Charly helps her back up, but she is too upset to forgive him.

He asks his dad for help, and his dad tells him that he needs to keep telling Paula how sorry he is and how much he cares about her. In turn, Charly tells his father that he doesn’t want him to give up on his marriage.

Hard Feelings Ending Explained

He talks to his best friend and says he’s sorry. He also thinks of a way to get even with Marlene and Constantin at the high school dance. Paula says she will help him, but she won’t forget that he ignored her.

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What Does Everyone Do at the Dance?

When they get to the dance place, Paula asks what the plan is. Getting Francoise on board is the first step. So, Charly needs to tell her she’s sorry.

Paula starts talking, and Charly says he’s sorry and blacked out because he had too much to drink. He really has no idea why he left her. She finally agrees when Paula asks her to teach a real bully a lesson.

Then we see Francoise on stage seducing Constantin. Charly and Paula open the blinds as she kisses him and takes off his pants. When everyone at school sees Constantin naked, they start shouting, “Consti’s no dick.”

This breaks Paula and Charly’s hearts, and they understand that they’re just as bad as the bullies. Finally, they get up on stage and take off their pants to drive home the point that there should be no shaming. This gets them praise.

Do Charly and Paula End Up Together?

After Charley and Paula make up and become friends again, they work together at the school dance to try to embarrass Constantine. After a good night, they leave the dance together and finally kiss.

Willy and Hoo Ha are excited as they plan to take each other’s virginities in a bedroom. The funny part starts after less than 20 seconds of sex when they think the talking genitalia have stopped. At the very end, both sounds come back and say, “Did you miss us?” Charly and Paula scream. You can watch this movie on Netflix.

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