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Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 21 Recap: What Happens After Ketil and His Family Submit to King Canute?


BEWARE OF SPOILERS! Canute tells his soldiers to let Ketil’s men surrender and avoid unnecessary combat in the Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 21” titled “Courage.” In the meantime, Olmar experiences the grim reality of war for the first time.

Thorgill, on the other hand, is set on carrying on the fight, but Sverkel points out to him that Ketil’s successor, Olmar, has the final say. Everything you need to know about the conclusion of Episode 21 of Season 2 of “Vinland Saga” is right here.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 21 Recap!

Canute’s army collects the bodies after Ketil’s men have fled. He sends his soldiers to give Ketil another chance to surrender instead of letting them run rampant on the property.

Meanwhile, Olmar sees the senseless deaths with his own eyes and is outraged by what he sees. After seeing the injured and hearing their cries, he feels sick and throws up right there. Thorgill, meantime, is gearing up to keep fighting.

Since Ketil is unable to make a choice at the moment, Sverkel informs Thorgill that since his father has already appointed Olmar as his successor, it is up to him to make the ultimate decision.


After being summoned to the shack, Olmar breaks down in tears over the tragedy he has witnessed and decides to submit. Thorgill, predictably, does not appear pleased, and he immediately leaves. Olmar, on his way to officially surrender to Canute, is accompanied by Snake.

Meanwhile, Einar runs into Leif and finds out that Thorgill has also seen the King. He worries for Leif after letting his friend depart and demands to know why. Leif had noticed something fascinating about Thorgill: his eyes betrayed a motivation that outweighed all other considerations. Because of this, he decided that releasing him was the best option. But Einar doesn’t share that sentiment and moves quickly to locate his pal before it’s too late.

What Happens After Ketil and His Family Submit to King Canute?

The episode opens with a graphic depiction of a fatality. The aftermath of Ketil and Canute’s battle is portrayed. Canute’s superior training and arsenal gave his army the upper hand, and they easily dispatched the farmers they were supposed to be protecting.

Canute feels like a failure as he watches the bodies pile up under his watch. Canute’s father’s severed head follows him everywhere and defends the king’s acts by insisting that they are fitting for a monarch. A king has the responsibility to eliminate those who pose a threat while protecting those who are safe.

Canute’s dissatisfaction with the end result is still palpable. Canute denies Floki’s request to allow his forces to seize the homes on the land. When the soldiers arrive at the property, he knows the pillaging will commence.


Canute points out to Floki that stealing Ketil’s farm was always the plan, not destroying it. Canute relies on the farm’s optimal functioning. He’s desperate for the cash it will bring in. Canute sends another envoy to Ketil’s army to demand capitulation. He’s keeping his fingers crossed that Ketil will concede defeat and hand over the land.

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Does Thorfinn Have Any Conversations With Canute?

During this time, we see Einar in Sverkel’s house, standing over Arnheid’s grave. It’s evident that Einar, who definitely had love sentiments toward her, is the most heartbroken by her death. It just makes life so much more tragic. As Einar recovers from his loss, he discovers that Thorfinn is no longer in his life. He visits Leif and is briefed about Thorfinn’s scheme by the latter.

After spending so long attempting to locate him, Einar has no idea why Leif would have tolerated such behavior. Leif tells Thorfinn that he needs to take action because he is being called by a higher power.

Thorfinn enters Canute’s camp, where he is greeted by the king’s men. Thorfinn asks politely whether he may speak with the King. Soldiers can be heard laughing throughout the scene. The king’s subjects are shocked that a slave has approached him for an audience.

It’s completely absurd. Thorfinn claims to have met the king on several occasions and that the monarch would immediately recognize his name if he were given it. The previous large soldier hits Thorfinn but is unable to take him down. Since the soldier couldn’t knock down Thorfinn with a single strike, the other troops started making fun of him.

You can watch the episode on Netflix.

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