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What Happened To Art Garfunkel? Is The Famous American Singer Dead?


Art Garfunkel is an American songwriter and singer who is famous as half of the popular band folk-rock. Rumors of his death have also been circulating on social media. This article covers all to know about Art Garfunkel as well as his death rumors.

Who Is Art Garfunkel?

what happened to art garfunkel

Art Garfunkel is an American singer as well as a songwriter known for being part of the famous name Folk-rock alongside his partner Paul Simon. Art Garfunkel is from New York City and was born on November 5, 1941. Art Garfunkel’s popular songs include The Sound of Silence, Kathy’s Song, April She Will Come, and The Only Living Boy in New York.

Art Garfunkel is also an actor and has been featured as Dr. Sandy Kaufman in the American movie Carnal Knowledge. He was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award. Art Garfunkel’s other notable songs include American Dreams, The Rebound, Bad Timing, and Laverne and Shirley.

what happened to art garfunkel

Fans usually rush to social media platforms for celebrity news and gist however most of the news coming out of social media platforms is sometimes fake and false.

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What Happened To Art Garfunkel?

what happened to art garfunkel

Rumors of Art Garfunkel’s death were trending on social media platforms after a YouTube video of his death was shared. However, the rumors and speculations are fake as Art Garfunkel is alive and healthy. Art Garfunkel at his age is presently still performing on stage as well despite his age.

The video had the title “10 minutes ago/ With deep regret we report the sad news of 80-year-old singer Art Garfunkel. The person who had posted the video had also shared fake death reports of other celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg and Kate Hudson.

what happened to art garfunkel

It is advised that fans make good research for any information posted on social media as well as follow reliable sites on the internet such as Crossover99.Com. Art Garfunkel’s death rumor also caused a lot of drama but it’s good to know that he is alive and still healthy.

Fans are also advised to report such posts when they come across fake news on social media pages.

Why Did Art Garfunkel And Paul Simon Break Up?

what happened to art garfunkel

Paul Simon and Garfunkel formed the American Folk-rock duo band. Paul was the singer and songwriter while Garfunkel was the singer. The duo had the best-selling albums for decades from 1956 to 1964 until the duo got separated.

The band had notable success in 1966 but in the same year, they faced a lot of problems. It was reported that Paul Simon had issues with his height and looks as well as his voice. He revealed that he struggled with his mental health and went to therapy.

what happened to art garfunkel

Paul Simon also revealed that Art Garfunkel had once told him that no matter what he would be taller than him and he stated that it hurt him.

The duo manager at that time Mort Lewis revered that the pair had envied each other. Paul often believed that their fans loved Garfunkel more than him.

Art Garfunkel also in a memo revealed that Paul had betrayed him and he would never forget that. Over the years the duo kept enjoying and hurting each other. The pair had also tried getting back together for tours in 1970, 1993, and 2003 however the tour ended up in rough patches or would not go through.

what happened to art garfunkel

The final tension between them came in 2010 when Art Garfunkel told Paul Simon that he would get over his vocal problem while they were set for a tour in Canada but Paul did not recover from his voice problem and Garfunkel did not know that it would increase. The tour was canceled and since then everything was over.

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Art Garfunkel’s Net Worth

what happened to art garfunkel

Art Garfunkel’s net worth is currently estimated to be around $95 million. His vast fortune comes from his career as a famous singer, songwriter, and as well as actor.

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