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Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 58 Release Date: The Best Sites to Enjoy the Manga Online!


Hello, fellow comic fans! Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 58 is Coming soon. I’m back with more news about Bad Thinking Diary, one of my favorite stories. If you haven’t read this book before, it’s about two best friends, Minji and Yuna, who find out they like each other and have to deal with different problems along the way.

It’s a moving story about love, friendship, passion, and betrayal that will keep you interested. Manga is written by Hodan and drawn by Rangrari. It can be found on Lezhin Comics.

The end of the last chapter, chapter 57, was a cliffhanger. Minji and Yuna went on a trip together and bought some naughty things to change things up. But things didn’t go as planned because they had some unplanned visitors at their hotel.

What do they want and who are they? Will Minji and Yuna be able to enjoy their time together, or will they have more trouble? I’m sure everyone wants to know what happens next, so let’s talk about when chapter 58 will come out.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 58 Quick Info!

Title Bad Thinking Diary
Author Park Do-han
Chapter 58
Release Date June 13, 2023
Where to Read Lehzin Comics


When and Where to Read Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 58?

On June 13, 2023, Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 58 is scheduled to be published. The translated version is not up to date with the originals, so you will have to wait a little longer for the most recent parts to be released. You can also read the latest chapter on different websites, such as Manga18.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 58 Release Date

You will be able to read Bad Thinking Dairy Chapter 58 on Lezhin after it comes out in Korea. Bad Thinking Dairy Manhwa can also be read in English on Lezhinus, though only 49 episodes have been translated so far.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 57 Recap!

In Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 57, Min-ji and Yu-na are on a bus to the beach at the start of Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 57. Min-ji is already getting sleepy on the bus. Her head fell on Yu-na’s shoulder as she fell asleep. Yu-na also gives her a soft kiss on the face before she goes to sleep. It looks like Yu-na started to really care about Min-ji.

Yu-na usually wears dark blue or black, and Min-ji was in a beautiful orange costume. I thought Yu-na looked so pretty in that outfit. The artist made a great choice. As Min-ji looked around the beach, her eyes lit up with joy. On the other hand, Yu-na doesn’t look like she wants to join in the fun. She seems to want to sleep in the shade instead. Min-ji started to dance and cheer and said, “This is the sea, this is the sky, and let’s have some fun, Yu-na.”

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 58 Release Date

On the other hand, Yu-na decided to sleep in the shade. Min-ji was a little upset, so she left to get some ice cream. She didn’t know if Yu-na was still having fun with her. But then she gave her ice cream and told her to eat quickly so they could get out to sea. But when Yu-na looked at Min-ji and asked if she could be forgiven, she looked like she was slowly licking her lips. This made Min-ji blush. If you like this manhwa, you might also like Jinx, which is about love and Romance.


A moving story about love, friendship, desire, and betrayal will be in Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 58, which will be out soon. It is written by Hodan and drawn by Rangrari. You can find it on Lezhin Comics. The translated version is not up to date with the originals, so fans will have to wait for the most current parts to come out. Chapter 58 of Bad Thinking Diary is set to come out on June 13, 2023. Stay tuned with Crossover99, for more latest and most entertaining manga News.

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