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Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 161 Release Date: What to Expect from the Next Installment of the Manga?


When Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 161 comes back, our main character will fight the Divine peacock. She is one of the few people who came to face him after the war started in all countries and all the big powers joined in. And this happened right after Jin Mu Won got back at the people who had hurt him.

Jinmu Won was the king’s son, and his father was killed in front of him. He was horrified by what happened and vowed to get even with the people who killed his father and ruined his life. Since the list was long and he was young, he started by training himself.

After he reached the top of his training, he started gathering friends so he could spread his power and kill the people who killed his father. In the process of doing this, he also brought down many companies and put his own on top. It was only a matter of time before there was a void in power and the world went to war for the first time.

In this article, we will discuss the Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 161 Release Date, spoilers, And a recap of the previous chapter. Scroll down and read the complete article if you wish to obtain all information.

When and Where to Read Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 161?

Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 161 will come out on Toonily on June 27, 2023. Read The S-Classes That I Raised or Eleceed to find a story like this one.

Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 161 Release Date

Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 160 Recap: What Happen in the Previous Chapter?

In Chapter 160 of “Legend of the Northern Blade,” a guy questioned one of the northern blades. The man was looking for Jinmu and looked like a crazed European who would do anything for some blood. But that’s how he was shown to the public. He didn’t say much about why he did what he did.

He only wanted to know where Jinmu was and didn’t care about anything else. He also made sure to kill the man who told him where Jinmu was. This also shows that as he goes after his goal, he doesn’t like to leave any open ends. After being questioned, he was seen making a choice about whether to join the war or the partnership.

He couldn’t decide which one was best because the information he got was almost useless, but it looks like he’ll be moving soon. Then we don’t see him anymore, and we’re brought to Jinmu and Divine Peacock’s fight, which is going on in silence. As usual, there were no words said during the fight.

Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 161 Spoilers!

Chapter 161 of Legend of the Northern Blade will be a little late because the artist is a little sick. If it weren’t for the art style, this series wouldn’t be worth half as much as it is now. But making art in this series must be hard on the body, so it wasn’t a surprise when the artist said he was taking a break.

Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 161 Release Date

It’s better than a long break between episodes since a long wait is worse than a small one. But if that goes on for more than a few weeks, the reader’s attention starts to fade, just like it did with BotE before the show took a break for the next season. Getting back to the word “hiatus,” this show is also getting close to the point where it will stop for a while.


In conclusion, “Legend of the Northern Blade” continues to captivate readers with its intense storyline and the protagonist’s relentless pursuit of vengeance. Jinmu Won, the king’s son, seeks retribution for his father’s murder, dedicating himself to rigorous training and assembling a powerful network of allies. The publication of Legend of the Northern Blade Chapter 161 is scheduled for the 27th of June, 2023 on Toonily. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more manga updates.

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