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Bad Ending Maker Chapter 6: Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans and Tips to Read Online!


Bad Ending Maker Chapter 6 Release Date: If you like bad guys, this new manhwa that came out in June 2023 would be a great choice. Bad Ending Maker is an adventure fantasy manhwa that takes place in the world of an MMORPG called “Wings Online.”

Nam Mincheol made this game with the help of his artificial intelligence, Gaia. Mincheol spent years working hard and putting in a lot of effort to make the best MMORPG the world had ever seen. This made his company very famous.

The company, Napalm, made a lot of money from the game, and Mincheol did everything he could to keep it going while Gaia was in charge of how things worked inside the game. Everything went smoothly for five years until the company chose to add a way to pay within the game.

Mincheol didn’t like the idea because he wanted everyone to be able to play his game for free, but his company set him up and made him a criminal. Then, Mincheol was fired and kicked out of his own game. He also lost his AI, Gaia.

In this article, we will discuss the Bad Ending Maker Chapter 6 Release Date, Spoilers, a Recap of the previous chapter, and much more. Scroll all the way down and read the entire article if you want to obtain all of the information.

Bad Ending Maker Chapter 6 Release Date!

Bad Ending Maker Chapter 6 will come out at 12:00 AM JST on Monday, June 26, 2023. Here is the list of time schedules for different nations:

Time Zone Time Date
New York 10:00 AM Sunday, June 25
Australian Capital Territory 01:30 AM Monday, June 26
Eastern Indonesian Time 12:00 AM Monday, June 26
Singapore Standard Time 11:00 PM Sunday, June 25
Pacific Time 07:00 AM Sunday, June 25
Eastern European Time 05:00 PM Sunday, June 25
Philippines Standard Time 11:00 PM Sunday, June 25

Bad Ending Maker Chapter 5 Recap!

In the last few chapters, Mincheol and Oasis wandered around the game and did different things to make themselves better known. In the end, Mincheol went to meet Akasa, who was the boss of the underground, as part of their task.

Bad Ending Maker Chapter 6 Release Date

Mincheol said that Akasa was a real person he had met, and we got a sneak peek at how these two characters got to know each other. As soon as Mincheol leaves, Akasa shows up at the Napalm plant. He then says who he is, which makes Mincheol a little surprised. He then promises to charge Akasa with stalking.

Akasa kneels down and asks Mincheol to help him out by taking his charges out of the game. He also says he won’t do anything wrong during the game, but Mincheol says he can’t stop him.

The attention then moves to Mincheol (now known as Labo), who is on his knees in front of Akasa, pleading with him for help.

Akasa tells everyone to leave the room, and when he sees Mincheol there, he gets excited. He says he’s sorry he didn’t notice him earlier and asks what he can do to help. Mincheol tells him to stop calling him “Mincheol” or “Anchovy” and instead call him “Labo,” which is what he is called in-game.

Akasa thinks for a while, and then he asks Labo if Labo is short for “Last Boss.” When he sees Labo’s face, he knows right away that he’s right. Oasis also sees for the first time that her master is trying to become the game’s final boss.

Labo tells Askasa to get to work so he can give him some gold in trade for some amazing information. Labo tells Akasa that the next update will add a cash item that is meant to increase the success rate of enhancements. He suggests that Akasa buy enhancement stones now and sell them later.

The reason for this is that there won’t be enough enhancement stones when Season 6 comes out, so whoever has a lot of them will make a lot of money. Akasa asks Labo why the company would make such a thing, and Labo says it’s just the start because Eun Ha Soo will do anything to make money.

Akasa gives Labo 1 million gold without charging him any interest because he is thankful for the information. Akasa praises Labo’s looks and says that his face looks more like theirs, like someone who would do anything to make money, like the face of a bad guy. Labo hasn’t logged in for 15 hours, so Oasis asks him if he’s tired. Labo is also aware of this.

Labo gives her all of his gold and tells her to buy every iron ore in the market that costs five gold or less. After asking Oasis to finish ten levels before he gets there, he logs off. Oasis enjoys her time alone in the game by doing everything she can. She also buys the iron ore as told, but in the end, some bad guys attack her.

Bad Ending Maker Chapter 6 Raw Scans!

At the time this piece was written, there were no raw scans for Bad Ending Maker Chapter 6. We know how excited you are about the new part and how eager you are to find out what happens next. But we’re sorry to say that we don’t have access to the raw scans right now.

Bad Ending Maker Chapter 6 Spoilers!

As fans eagerly wait for “Bad Ending Maker Chapter 6,” the most buzz has ever been made about the manga series. But so far, there have been no hints about what will happen in the next part. Fans aren’t sure what the content is because it’s secret, which has led to talks and ideas among them.

Bad Ending Maker Chapter 6 Release Date

As interest in the highly anticipated manga series “Bad Ending Maker ” hits a fever pitch, fans all over the world eagerly await any hints about how the story will turn and change in the next episode.

Where to Read Bad Ending Maker Chapter 6?

You can find the full version of Bad Ending Maker Chapter 6 on Naver. There isn’t an official English version of Bad Ending Maker yet, but it will be soon on Webtoon. As you eagerly await the next chapter of Bad Ending Maker, quench your thirst for more by immersing yourself in these two fascinating articles  Lost In The Cloud and Hero the Maximum Which give you more entertainment and fun.


In the latest chapter of “Bad Ending Maker,” the protagonist Mincheol finds himself entangled in a dangerous game within the MMORPG “Wings Online.” Previously, Mincheol was unjustly labeled a criminal and expelled from his own creation, losing his AI companion Gaia in the process. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more manga updates.

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