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Mike Reiss Net Worth: Find Out The Net Worth Of The Famous American Writer


Mike Reiss is a famous American writer and producer known for his animated films. Fans of Mike Reiss are curious to find out the net worth of the famous writer. This article brings you all you need to know about Mike Reiss as well as his net worth.

Mike Reiss Early Life

mike reiss net worth

Mike Reiss is the third child among five siblings and was born into a Jewish family in Bristol, Connecticut. Mike Reiss’s mother was a local journalist and his father is a medical doctor. He attended Bristol Eastern High School and has revealed that he felt like an outsider in school.

After high school, Mike Reiss studied at Harvard University. Mike Reiss revealed in an interview that he hates Havard citing that the institution looks more like a summer camp where you meet other people, network, and learn from them.

Mike Reiss studied English but did not like the course. He tried enrolling in a writing class but was rejected. He then turned his attention to comedy and performed in talent shows and writing. Mike Reiss met with AI Jean they became friends and collaborated in their writing efforts for the humor publication Harvard Lampoon.

Mike Reiss Career

mike reiss net worth

Mike Reiss is a well-known writer and producer who has worked on several Animated movies such as The Simpsons and Horton Hears a Who!. Mike Reiss served as a show-runner, writer, and producer for the animated series The Critic and also wrote the famous webtoon Queer Duck.

He also worked on screenplays including Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Mike Reiss was hired by the humor magazine National Lampoon alongside Jean after they had graduated in 1981. The pair began collaborating on various television projects and during this period they worked as writers and producers on Tv shows like Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson.

Mike Reiss worked on thirteen episodes of the show The Simpsons. The first episode  Jean and Reiss produced was Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington which aired in 1991 and there was pressure for them to make it more good.

mike reiss net worth

The pressure mounted on them was high that they had to rewrite the script about six to seven times in other to make it funnier. Mike Reiss revealed that they were scared about the situation because they have not had such a situation before. However, Mike Reiss served as the showrunner until the end of the fourth season.

Since the show was able to make headlines from the first two seasons they were able to give it more depth during their tenure. Jean also believed that this was one of the reasons that most fans saw seasons three and four as the best seasons of The Simpsons.

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Mike Reiss’s Net Worth

mike reiss net worth

Mike Reiss has been regarded as one of the richest writers and has an estimated net worth of about $5 million. Mike Reiss’s huge income comes as a writer and producer for the National Lampoon magazine.

Mike Reiss’s Writing Credits

The following includes a list of episodes of The Simpsons Reiss has written with AI Jean

• There’s No Disgrace Like Home

• Moaning Lisa

• The Telltale Head alongside Matt Groening and Sam Simon

• The Way We Was

• Stark Raving Dad

• Treehouse of Horror II

• Lisa’s Pony

• Round Springfield

• Treehouse of Horror III

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Who Is Mike Reiss Currently Dating?

mike reiss net worth

Mike Reiss is currently not in any relationship at the money according to reports. Mike Reiss was however formerly married to Denise Reiss before their breakup. In 2022, Mike Reiss visited the wreck of the Titanic in the Titan Submersible.

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