Tfue Net Worth 2023 How Much Is The Famous Youtuber Worth?


Turner Tenney famously known as Tfue is an American Youtuber and live streamer who has risen to fame through his content and video posts on Youtube and various social media handles. Fans of the famous Youtuber are curious to find out his current net worth. covers all you will need to know about Tfue's career, net worth, and relationship status.

TFue Early Life And Career

Tufe Net worth

Tfue began his career by previously streaming games such as Call of Duty, Destiny, and H1Z1 before he transitioned to Fortnite Battle Royale which was created by Epic Games as it gained more popularity among gaming fans. Tfue also joined FaZe Clan which is a famous Esports organization.

UnfortunatelyTfue was banned from Twitch in May 2018 for 30 days after he allegedly used a racial barb during one of his live streams. However, Twitch reversed the ban after reviewing that the word wasn't used racially.

Tfue on July 2018 was slammed with a permanent ban on his Epic Games accounts because he was alleged to be selling and buying Epic Games accounts which are prohibited by Epic Games terms and conditions. After the ban a week later Twitch banned him for 14 days however the reason for the ban was not revealed.

Tufe Net worth

Tfue on May 20, 2019, filed a lawsuit against the FaZe Clanwhere claiming that they pressured him to live in one of their homes located in Los Angeles and also pressured him into underage drinking and illegal gambling.

The lawsuit also claimed that FaZe also pressured him into doing dangerous stunts and that he was paid only 20% of the proceedings of any branded videos that were published by Twitch, Youtube, and other social media handles. He also claimed that he got half of his revenue from touring and appearances.

Tfue net worth

FaZe Clan reacted to the lawsuit by saying that they didn't take any money from his tournament winnings on Twitch and Youtube revenue as well as his social media. They also stated that they took $60,000 from his branded videos and offered him an improved contract on several occasions with 100% of the money going to him.

FaZe Clan also revealed that despite these he ignored all of them and on August 1 2019 FaZe Clan filed a lawsuit against Tufe claiming that he violated his contract by criticizing the company and trying to form a rival sports organization. FaZe Clan also claimed that he directly leaked information about his contract to the media which violate their terms.

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Tufe Net Worth

Tufe Net worth

Tfue as of June 2023, is currently worth about $5 million and has earned more than 12 million Youtube subscribers to Turner Tfue Channel. He has also been ranked as one of the most popular Twitch stars and also ranked in the elite list of famous Twitch stars born in the United States of America.

However, after several months of having been inactive, he posted a video on June 20, 2023, on Youtube citing that he was retiring.

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Who Is Tufe Currently Dating?

Tufe Net worth

Tfue is currently not in any relationship at the moment and he has not revealed any information about his relationship status. There is currently no information regarding his previous relationship or engagements.


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