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Floyd Mayweather Jr: From the Ring to the Bookie – Exploring His Passion for Sports Betting


When discussing the greatest boxers of all time, it’s impossible to not include Floyd Mayweather Jr. The 5-foot-8 lightweight boxer out of Grand Rapids Michigan simply never lost a fight during his professional career. He was a perfect 50-0 and won 15 major world championships during his 19-year career.

His career earnings have been reported to be over $300 million in total, an astronomical number to say the least. The self-entitled “The Best Ever”, Mayweather Jr isn’t only a legendary boxer but he’s also pretty good when it comes to sports betting apps as he’s been known to post his successful bets on social media and more.

In fact, sports betting has long been a passion for Mayweather who has been betting on sports using apps since he could legally do so in the United States which shouldn’t be a surprise. He’s spent a large portion of his adult life in Las Vegas

This past February, Mayweather posted on Instagram a picture of him making a $10,000 bet on the Philadelphia Eagles to win Super Bowl 57 to win a total of $19,000. The Eagles of course would go on to lose the Super Bowl to the Kansas City Chiefs. While $10,000 is a large chunk of change to most people, for Mayweather that loss is equivalent to a few dollars.

One of Mayweather Jr’s most famous betting days came when he won nearly half a million over just four days in 2015. In those four days, Mayweather made three NBA bets and one boxing bet for a total of $350,000 and walked away with just under $830,000. Not a bad few days in the office to say the least.

In 2012, Mayweather bet $1,100,000 million on the Oregon Ducks to defeat the Arizona Sun Devils and cover a 7.5-point spread in the process. The Ducks then led by Chip Kelly and Marcus Mariota defeated the Sun Devils 43-21, winning Mayweather $1,000,000 for a total takeaway of $2,100,000.

Mayweather of course just doesn’t bet on other sports. Throughout his career, Mayweather has commonly bet on himself to win his fights.

It’s safe to say, he’s never had a losing bet. Fighters betting on themselves isn’t uncommon, usually, however, they’re kept to simply betting on themselves to win straight up as anything beyond that, one could make an argument that the fight could end up being rigged. Now, he has been denied before, at one point, prior to his fight against Connor McGregor he tried to place a wager of 0,000 but was denied due to legality concerns.

Additionally, like anyone, Mayweather is not prone to losses. Someone who is as passionate as Mayweather has taken his fair share of losses. While we will never know how much money he has truly lost in sports betting, in 2017, it was reported by Maxim that the boxer lost nearly $50 million in 2017 alone. While it’s unclear how true that report may be, it wouldn’t be overly shocking. Mayweather on top of his boxing and betting is known to be quite liberal with his money and how he spends it. Luckily for him, he has plenty of money left to go around.

While Mayweather’s boxing career is largely over outside an exhibition match here and there, his sports betting career could just be getting started. At just 46 years old, Mayweather has plenty of time left in his life to continue to bet on sports and he surely still has an endless amount of money to bet on despite any major losses, as he has total career earnings from boxing, sponsorships, and more of over $1 billion. After all, there’s a reason he’s Floyd “Money” Mayweather.  It also shows that no matter how much money you may have, everyone enjoys taking a little bit of a risk sometimes.

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