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Tamara Day Illness: What Is The Famous American Host Suffering From?


Tamara Day is an American television host and reality tv star. Tamara Day’s illness and health issues in 2023 have been trending on the internet as fans are curious to find out about her health challenge. This article covers all you need to know about Tamara Day and her health challenge.

Who Is Tamara Day?

Tamara Day illness

Tamara Day is a famous American television host and reality television star, house designer, and renovation. She has also been featured in many reality shows to showcase her talents as well as her creativity she gained immense fame after she participated in the reality show Bargain Mansion.

The show was aired on the DIY network in 2017. she has also proven to be an expert in implementing forgotten works of art as she is a successful house renovator. She revealed in an interview that she is filled with joy when new owners move in and appreciate them again.

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Tamara Day Illness

Tamara Day illness

Tamara Day left fans and well-wishers in shock when she shared her health problems as well as how she combats an aneurysm. As a relative, it has probably been hard to see her pass through such a situation.

Tamara’s health challenge has left fans and well-wishers stressed. She has also tried to avoid the media and maintain a level of privacy. Because of her calm nature, no information has been given as well as her current health status.

None of Tamara Day’s relatives have also shown up in the media and spokes about TamaTa Dy’s condition.
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Therefore there’s not much information regarding her current health state.

What Is Tamar Day’s Illness?

Tamara Day illness

Tamar Day is suffering from a health challenge known as Aneurysm. While she was 34 years old KCBD News shared one of her videos where she talked about how she battled an Aneurysm. She revealed that after sneezing she ended up being in the ICU.

Tamara stated in the video that she blew her nose and then she has terrible headaches. After the headaches, she started to feel ringing in both of her ears. She thought that she was going to die because she believed she was having a stroke. She also revealed that she did not dial 911.

Tamara Day illness

She went to the clinic the next day and the doctor said she probably had a migraine. However, the headache persisted and even got worse. She revealed that she went to an emergency clinic after a few days and a brain scan was conducted which showed that she had an Aneurysm also referred to as bleeding in the brain.

After the scan, she was taken to Covenant Health where a neuro-interventional radiologist Dr Thomas Windisch closed off the blood vessel in her brain that was leaking.
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After the surgery, Tamara Day spent 14 days in ICU and was allowed to leave the hospital and return home on Mother’s Day.

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Where Is Tamara Day Now?

Tamara Day illness

Tamara Day is currently in her Lubbock residence and it appears she is living in a private life. She also keeps a low profile which makes it hard to learn about her current health and lifestyle.
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She also keeps her professional life from social media.

Tamara Day is a mother of four and she has dedicated herself to training her children as well as spending some quality time with her children.

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