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Oshi No Ko Chapter 123 Spoilers and Release Date: The Best Sites to Enjoy the Manga Online!


Oshi No Ko Chapter 123 Spoilers: Now that the last episode of the anime has come out, Oshi no Ko Chapter 123 is again making a lot of noise all over the internet. Yes, information about the next part has gotten out, and it looks like Aqua and Ruby are getting closer to each other.

In the last story, Aqua found out that Ruby was really Sarina coming back to life. He tried to take care of her, but she stopped calling him her brother. This article gives away things that happen in the comic Oshi no Ko.

In this article, we will discuss Oshi No Ko Chapter 123 Spoilers, Release Date, Raw scans, and much more. Scroll down and read the complete article if you wish to obtain all information.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 123 Spoilers: What to Expect?

After what happened in the last chapter, Aqua and Ruby might talk about their plans in Oshi no Ko chapter 123. Even though the two characters might talk to each other in this chapter, it’s likely that they will also talk about their plans.

So, people can probably expect Aqua to tell Ruby everything he knows about their father. The two Hoshino brothers could now work together to tell everyone about what their father Hikaru Kamiki had done.

Is Ruby Wants To Get Married?

When Aqua heard Ruby’s words, she put her hand on Ruby’s head. Ai is Ai, and you are you. Don’t makeup stories. You need to go your own way; there’s no reason to believe what Ai says. Do what you want. Ruby then cried even harder and buried her face in Aqua’s chest.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 123 Spoilers

I felt like my stomach and chest were being squeezed at the same time. I felt like I was getting farther from the right path the more I lied. When Aqua hears this, she pats Ruby’s head to make her feel better.

I’ve already told you this: you’re the kid I pushed around. The hospital room where the child I helped bring into the world was born was full of pain, but the child’s eyes stayed bright, as if they could still see their hopes.

That day, you shone brighter than the sun, and love was also very bright. Ruby is the most important person. People have seen a crow girl peeking through the window.

Ruby, let’s pull ourselves together. This will make it possible to shoot the movie the way you want. Maybe this is where your job as a hero will take a big turn. But you shouldn’t do this because the effect of your ignorance would be bad. You are not the kind of person who should want revenge. I can’t help but feel bad for you at this point.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 123 Release Date and Time!

After the break, the Oshi no Ko manga is back to its scheduled publication. Because of this, most people around the world will be able to read Oshi no Ko chapter 123 on Wednesday, July 5.

The next part will come out on Thursday, July 6 at 12 a.m. JST for people in Japan. The date and time of the release will then depend on where you live. The next part of Oshi no Ko will be released around the world at the following times:

Time Zone Date Time
Pacific Standard Time July 5 7:00 am
Central Standard Time July 5 9:00 am
Eastern Standard Time July 5 10:00 am
British Standard Time July 5 3:00 pm
Central European Time July 5 4:00 pm
Indian Standard Time July 5 8:30 pm
Philippine Standard Time July 5 11:00 pm
Australian Central Standard July 6 12:30 am

Oshi No Ko Chapter 122 Recap

In chapter 122 of Oshi no Ko, called “Doc,” Aqua Hoshino realized that Ruby was Sarina coming back to life. Ruby decided that Aqua wasn’t his brother after he tried to calm her down. Aqua agreed with what she said and started calling her Sarina when they talked.

Sarina forgot why she wanted to be a star, but Aqua helped her remember. Since she was no longer in the hospital, she could do that. So, Aqua wanted Ruby to stop thinking about getting back at someone. When Ruby heard Aqua talk to her like Doctor Gorou Amamiya, she knew that the doctor had come back as Aqua. She hugged him right away.

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Oshi No Ko Chapter 123 Raw Scans!

The raw scans for Oshi No Ko Chapter 123 are currently not available, adding to the excitement and curiosity surrounding its release. Fans eagerly await a glimpse into the upcoming chapter, but unfortunately, the untranslated version remains hidden and inaccessible.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 123 Spoilers

As we patiently await the official release, the anticipation grows, building suspense for the moment when the secrets and treasures of Oshi No Ko Chapter 123 will finally be revealed to all.

Where to Read Oshi No Ko Chapter 123?

On the MANGA Plus app from Shueisha, fans can read Oshi no Ko chapter 123. The app lets you read all of a manga series’s stories. Readers should be aware, though, that they can only read a certain part once.

Fans can only read the manga if they buy Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine or wait for the chapter to come out in a Tankobon book.


In conclusion, Oshi No Ko Chapter 123 is creating a buzz online, as Aqua and Ruby’s relationship deepens. The chapter will explore their conversation about their father and their future plans. It releases on July 5 in various time zones. Readers can access it on the MANGA Plus app or through the Weekly Young Jump magazine. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more manga updates.

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