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Where Is Jeremy Pruitt Now? Everything You Need To Know About The Famous Defensive Coach


Jeremy Pruitt is a former head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers Football team. The former coach faced sanctions from the NCAA due to violations. Netizens are curious to know where the former head coach is now. This article covers all you need to know about Jeremy Pruitt as well as where he is now.

Jeremy Pruitt Biography

Where is jeremy pruitt now

Jeremy Pruitt was born on May 28, 1974, and he is a well-known American Football coach. He was also the senior defensive assistant for the New York Giants in the National Football League.

Jeremy Pruitt also served as the head coach at the University of Tennessee from 2018 to 2020 and was a defensive coordinator at various well-known institutions which include the University of Alabama, the University of Georgia, and Florida State University.

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Where Is Jeremy Pruitt Now?

Where is jeremy pruitt now

While the coach of Tennesse Football Coach several violations resulted in penalties. Jeremy Pruitt has faced a lot of penalties from six-year the NCAA. He was given a  cause penalty and a one-year suspension as punishments for his action.

Jeremy Pruitt’s contract termination was in 2020 and since his contract termination due to Tennessee’s investigation into the violations, Pruitt has not been into another coaching job. Find out more about what he is doing below.

What Is Jeremy Pruitt Currently Doing?

Where is jeremy pruitt now

Jeremy Pruitt’s Contract with Tennessee was terminated as a result of violations. He got a job as a defensive assistant for the New York Giants I’m 2021. He worked under the direction of head coach Joe Judge. However, Jeremy Pruitt only lasted for about a year with the New York Giants before not being retained at the end of the season.

During an interview on the Make Defemse Great Again podcast Pruitt stated that he was considering taking a coaching Sabbatical in 2022. Shortly after his statement rumors began that he was joining the Alabama Crimson Tide as a defensive coordinator following the departure of coach Pete Golding.

Where is jeremy pruitt now

However, Jeremy Pruitt’s investigation which surrounds him may have greatly influenced his chances of securing the position. It was also going to be difficult to see a college football program offer a multi-year deal as a defensive coach to someone with investigations going on.

Since the incident, Jeremy Pruitt has been off the market after his little exploits with the New York Giants. Jeremy Purrit has also not been active on social media. This could be the reason why he has not gotten another coaching job. Fans can only speculate about Jeremy Pruitt’s return date to the touchline.

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Jeremy Pruitt To Alabama

Where is jeremy pruitt now

Jeremy Pruitt has a long history with Alabama Crimson Tide which makes him a strong candidate for a coaching position with the famous team. His previous failure as an ahead coach and experience as a coordinator is undeniable.

He has also had multiple roles with the Crimson Tide program as a graduate and assistant to a defensive coordinator. His collection of Alabama is also significant and has secured five national championships.

Jeremy’s reunion with Alabama holds significant defensive potential. He has also had a good track record as a defensive-minded coach and his history with the program has made him a competitive choice.

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