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Overgeared Chapter 186 Release Date, Spoilers And Where to Read?


Overgeared Chapter 186 Release Date: The next chapter of the Sci-Fi-Action-Fantasy Manhwa will be Overgeared Chapter 186. The manhwa takes place mostly in the virtual reality game “SOCIETY.” The game’s images, story, and gameplay were so real that they blew the world away.

In This article, we will discuss Overgeared Chapter 186 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where to Read? Scroll all the way down and read the entire article if you want to obtain all of the information.

Overgeared Chapter 186 Release Date and Time!

Chapter 186 of Overgeared will come out on or around July 22, 2023. In the table below, you can find information about when the manhwa will come out. We mostly made the list based on the world’s time zones.

Also, the release dates and times have been changed to make sense. With a quick search on your computer, you can find out what time zone you are used to. Then look up the time zone in the list below to find out everything you need to know

Time Zone Date Day Time
Pacific Daylight Time 21st July 2023 Friday 8:00 AM
Central Daylight Time 21st July 2023 Friday 10:00 AM
Eastern Daylight Time 21st July 2023 Friday 11:00 AM
British Summer Time 21st July 2023 Friday 4:00 PM
Central European Time 21st July 2023 Friday 5:00 PM
Indian Standard Time 21st July 2023 Friday 8:30 PM
Chinese Standard Time 21st July 2023 Friday 11:00 PM
Singapore Standard Time 21st July 2023 Friday 11:00 PM
Philippines Standard Time 21st July 2023 Friday 11:00 PM
Japanese Standard Time 22nd July 2023 Saturday 12:00 AM
Korean Standard Time 22nd July 2023 Saturday 12:00 AM
Australian Central Time 22nd July 2023 Saturday 12:30 AM

Overgeared Chapter 186 Spoilers and Expectations!

In the next parts, we’ll see Young-Woo finish the notorious Behen Archipelago Islands, which even Rankers had trouble with in the past. Young-Woo and the Dungeon Master are both surprised by how quickly he is making progress.

Overgeared Chapter 186 Release Date

So much so that Young-Woo starts to wonder if he is in the wrong place. The Dungeon Master doesn’t seem to be able to change how hard the tasks are; he or she just sets them off. Let’s see, and he will try to make Young-Woo’s life more interesting.

Overgeared Chapter 185 Recap!

Young-Woo finally made it to the 1st Island of the Behen Archipelago after a very long trip. Through a crystal ball, the Dungeon Master watches Young-Woo.

He doesn’t like Grid very much because he has seen several players try to clear Behen Archipelago but fail to get past the first island. He didn’t know that Young-Woo’s skills made him the best person to try Behen Archipelago.

The first test was to stay alive for 20 minutes while being surrounded by spider-like monsters called “Cellove.” The Dungeon Master thought Young-Woo would be too much for him to handle.

But Young-Woo called Noe and Randy to help, and they were able to take care of the creatures well. After 20 minutes, all three of them were able to level up more than once and get better at using their guns.

On the next Island, Young-Woo is given a number of different boxes. He has three days to open at least two boxes and get off the Island. The Dungeon Master still thinks too little of him, since he thinks that clearing the first island was just luck.

The Dungeon Master was surprised to see that Young-Woo had opened all the boxes, even though he had the master key, which could open any locked item.

Young-Woo got to the 9th Island pretty quickly. Young-Woo was doing well in the tasks so quickly that the Dungeon Master started to feel scared.

Young-Woo blew away every task that was thrown at him without much effort. Young-Woo was also getting scared because he wasn’t sure if he was in Behen Archipelago or not. The tasks that were supposed to make rankers quit were easy for him.

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Where Can I Read Chapter 186 of Overgeared to Read Online?

On Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon, you can read Overgeared Chapter 186 Raws. You can also read the English version of the same thing on Tapas. On either page, you can read the first three chapters of the Manhwa for free. You can buy the rest of them from their websites and read them there.

More About Overgeared!

Shin Young-Woo, our main character, is one of the most dedicated players in the game. Like most people who play the game, he wants to be famous one day. But he found it hard to make that dream come true.

Young-Woo’s model “Grid” could only get to level 73 after years of playing the game. The game has taken over his life, and he spends all of the money he makes on it. He works hard all day and then goes to the game at night.

Overgeared Chapter 186 Release Date

Young-Woo had worked hard for months to meet his goal, and he was almost there. He didn’t know, though, that things had to get worse before they could get better.

Young-Woo let his thoughts get in the way while he was trying to finish a job for Earl Ausher, one of the Named NPCs in the game. He was given the job of finding the Legendary Blacksmith’s Tome, which has all the skills and techniques that Pagma used to have.

When he was at his best, Pagma was known as the best blacksmith who had ever lived. People think that the things he made are on a whole different level.

Young-Woo thought for a moment about selling Pagma’s Tome because it could be worth a lot of money to the right person. Earl Ausher became angry with Young-Woo because he did this.

Ausher sent his goons after Young-Woo, and they beat him up quickly. Young-Woo chooses to use the Tome on himself because he is about to lose everything he has worked for. And that’s how Young-Woo’s character, Grid, turned into a famous class.


In conclusion, Overgeared Chapter 186 is set to release around July 22, 2023. Fans eagerly await Young-Woo’s progress in the challenging Behen Archipelago Islands. The manhwa’s realistic imagery and engaging gameplay have captivated readers, making it a must-read in the virtual reality genre. Stay tuned for thrilling developments and surprises as Young-Woo’s journey continues to unfold. Read the chapter online on Kakao Page, Kakao Webtoon, or Tapas. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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