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Love Class Chapter 27 Release Date, Recap, And Where To Read?


Love Class Chapter 27 Release Date: We readers of the Love Class have been on a wild ride through Chapter 26. This romance and drama manga is putting out new chapters regularly on its main site, which is Kakao Page. This manhwa always leaves readers wanting more by ending on cliffhangers. So Love Class Chapter 27 can’t come soon enough for us.

This manhwa tells the story of Ji Eunchae and Cha Yiheon, whose lives get mixed up because their families want them to get married and start a family right away. They decide to use each other as bait and make up a fake marriage plan, but soon they find real love.

In Chapter 26 of Love Class, Eunchae is suddenly accused of being a bully when she was in high school. Eunchae starts to doubt herself, but Yiheon tells her that it’s just someone who wants to break them up and knows about their secret marriage. This makes her feel a little better.

When will Love Class Chapter 27 be out?

On August 3, 2023, Love Class Chapter 27 should come out. You can expect it to come out on the following date and time, according to the different time zones:

Time Zone Date and Time
Japanese Standard Time 12:00 AM on August 3, 2023
Indian Standard Time 8:30 PM on August 2, 2023
Central European Time 04:00 PM on August 3, 2023
U.S.A, New York 10:00 AM on August 3, 2023
Australian Capital Territory 01:30 AM on August 3, 2023
Eastern Indonesian Time 12:00 AM on August 3, 2023
Singapore Standard Time 11:00 PM on August 2, 2023
Pacific Time 07:00 AM on August 2, 2023
Eastern European Time 05:00 PM on August 3, 2023
Philippines Standard Time 11:00 PM on August 2, 2023
Korean Standard Time 12:00 AM on August 3, 2023

Love Class Chapter 27 Spoilers!

In the next chapter of Love Class, Chapter 27, the parents are likely to sit down and talk about their plans for Eunchae and Yiheon, who are planning to get married. Yiheon says he wants to marry Eunchae and asks Eunchae’s parents for permission to do so in an honest way.

Love Class Chapter 27 Release Date

Love Class Chapter 26 Recap!

In the last chapter of Love Class, Chapter 26, word about Eunchae spreads like flames. She is called a bully, and one of her victims says the same thing about her on the news. Yiheon asks her if she knows the person who was killed on TV. She tells him that she has never seen anyone who looks like her before.

He tells his secretary to look into it right away because he thinks it is fake news. He thinks that all of this was set up by someone who knows about their marriage and wants it to fail. Scene changes to Eunjoo, who is showing off her new expensive handbag to her friends.

Then, Eunjoo tells her friends that Eunchae is getting married to Yiheon and that she has said false things about her, like that she is a bully. She then meets the victim who had been in the news, and she asks for her money but leaves with Eunjoo’s purse, which turns out to be fake. During this meeting, she was taken a picture, and Yiheon was told about it.

Then Yiheon and Eunchae go to her parents’ house, where both sets of parents are getting together to talk more seriously about their marriage. The first time Eunchae’s parents meet Yiheon’s parents together is very exciting for them, and they welcome them with open arms.

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Love Class Chapter 27 Raw Scans!

As of now, the raw scans for Love Class Chapter 27 are not available. We understand that fans are excited to read the latest chapter and find out what happens next. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to the raw scans at the moment.

Love Class Chapter 27 Release Date

We are keeping a close eye on any updates, and once the raw scans are released, we will update the article with the latest information. We appreciate your patience and understanding

Where to Read Love Class Chapter 27?

Love Class Chapter 27 will come out on August 3, 2023, which is next month. You can find it and read it as soon as it comes out on its official website. Kakako Page is the main site for Korean releases.


In conclusion, Love Class continues to captivate readers with its romance and drama, leaving them eager for Chapter 27. The upcoming chapter will feature an important meeting between the families and more intriguing developments. Don’t miss it on August 3, 2023, on Kakao Page. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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