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Kiss Goblin Chapter 41 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where To Read?


Kiss Goblin Chapter 41 Release Date: The next chapter of Kiss Goblin is going to come out next week. “Kiss Goblin” is a fascinating romance manga that goes into the magical world and weaves a compelling story with shoujo charm into it. The story, which was written by Doryeon and brought to life by artist Gogo under WHYN OT MEDIA, is about how Oh Yeonah’s life changes.

She is a firm thinker that money is the most important thing, but her life takes a shocking turn when her cheating boyfriend steals all of her money. Fate brings her into contact with Bansuk, a charming creature, and forces her to make a decision that will change the rest of her life.

This task is a key part of turning Bansuk into a person. Oh Yeonah goes on an unexpected journey, despite the fact that she has to deal with secrets and problems, and her goals end up overlapping with Bansuk’s.

Kiss Goblin Chapter 41 Release Date and Time!

Chapter 41 of Kiss Goblin is set to come out on August 14, 2023. Let’s look at when Kiss Goblin Chapter 41 will air in different places:

Country Time Time Zone Day Date
India 9:30 AM IST Monday 14 August 2023
South Korea 1:00 PM KST Monday 14 August 2023
Australia 2:00 PM AEST Monday 14 August 2023
Philippines 12:00 PM (noon) PHT Monday 14 August 2023
Japan 1:00 PM JST Monday 14 August 2023
Canada midnight NT Monday 14 August 2023
US 12:00 AM (midnight) EST Monday 14 August 2023

Kiss Goblin Chapter 41 Spoilers!

Fans of “Kiss Goblin” are eagerly anticipating the release of Chapter 41, as the story has taken unexpected twists and turns in recent chapters.

While specific details about the unreleased content remain elusive, speculations have been circulating within the fan community. Whispers of intense confrontations, surprising character revelations, and emotional developments have only fueled the excitement.

Kiss Goblin Chapter 40 Recap!

In the interesting comic series “Kiss Goblin,” we meet a world where money is the most important thing, and one woman’s life takes an unexpected turn. Oh, Yeonah is the main character in the story. She is a woman who loves money more than anything else.

Her life is all about handling her money and making sure she stays financially stable. But her seemingly perfect life falls apart when she lets her dishonest boyfriend take all of her hard-earned money and property.

Kiss Goblin Chapter 41 Release Date

In the middle of all this chaos, she meets a strange monster called Bansuk. Oh, Yeonah was put in a terrible situation by bad luck that left him broke and sad. She would never have done it on her own, but she makes a deal with the mysterious Goblin King because she has no other choice.

In exchange for helping Bansuk reach his goal and keeping his location a secret, the contract gives her a place to live and money to live on.

Bansuk’s goal is strange and interesting at the same time. He wants to become human by feeling all 10 human emotions, but the only way to do that is to kiss 10 different people. This trip is about more than just how he changes. It is also about how complicated human emotions are.
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This story is very interesting because it mixes fantasy, feelings, and fun.

As the story goes on, Oh Yeonah changes from a character whose only goal is to make money to a unique member of a goblin’s quest.

The manga does a great job of showing how her character grows and changes as she learns about more complicated levels of relationships and feelings. There are many funny and touching times in the way Oh Yeonah and Bansuk talk to each other.

Oh Yeonah’s change from being focused on material things to understanding real feelings is a theme that comes up over and over again in the manga, showing how strange and sweet their relationship is. Even though the idea may seem funny, the manga does a good job of digging deeper into important issues.

It also looks at the importance of relationships and feelings, as well as the vast web of human experiences. “Kiss Goblin” has beautiful artwork that goes well with the tone of the story and has an interesting plot.

Oh Yeonah and Bansuk’s trip through the problems they face is told in a story that cleverly mixes sad and funny parts.
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The characters’ facial expressions and the goblin’s strange features make the story more fun to read. “Kiss Goblin” is a manga that has the perfect mix of feeling, magic, and character growth.

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Kiss Goblin Chapter 41 Raw Scans!

The manga enthusiasts of “Kiss Goblin” find themselves in a state of heightened anticipation as they await the release of raw scans for Chapter 41. As discussions surrounding the upcoming chapter gain momentum, fans have been fervently seeking any hints or tidbits about the plot progression.

Kiss Goblin Chapter 41 Release Date

The elusive raw scans, which provide a glimpse into the artwork and storyline before official translations, are currently unavailable, leaving readers on tenterhooks.

Where to Read Chapter 41 of Kiss Goblin?

Pocket Comics has Kiss Goblin Chapter 41, which fans can read. You can also read Kiss Goblin stories from before on the same site.


The much-awaited Chapter 41 of “Kiss Goblin” is set to release on August 14, 2023. This enchanting romance manga, skillfully crafted by Doryeon and Gogo under WHYN OT MEDIA, immerses readers in a world where magic and emotion intertwine.
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Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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