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Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 113 Release Date, Spoiler, Recap, And Where to Read?


Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 113 Release Date: The great majority of fans, like them, are anxious to find out when Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 111 will be released, as well as the cast, timing, and other pertinent details.

This article has been updated with all of the latest information on Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 113. As he strives to become a genuine master of his craft, he encounters a growing number of trials and foes.

With each new difficulty he tackles, he can get a more in-depth understanding of the world around him and expand his skill set. Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 113 is almost finished and will be available for general consumption shortly.

Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 113 Release Date and Time!

Fans of Solo Max Level Newbie can’t wait for Chapter 113. Everyone is excited to see what happens next in this intriguing manga after what occurred in Chapter 112, which was highly thrilling. The publishing date for Chapter 113 has been determined, which is great news.

Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 113 Release Date

According to sources, Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 113 will be released on August 12, 2023, at various times depending on where you reside. So, mark Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 113 in your calendar and prepare to read it as soon as it becomes available.

Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 113 Spoilers!

The rock giant, a strong person, is astounded by what other humans can do outside the tower. Jinhyuk, a rock giant, is astounded by how much superior humans are outside the structure.

He wonders if the rock giant’s strength comes from ‘Murim’ or ‘Empire.’ According to the rock giant, humanity can take on the 10th floor on their own, and the Empire has established a powerful force inside the tower.

The checkerboard-like talent “Eyes of Gluttony” is possessed by the rock giant. This ability is only available to specific boss creatures.

The initial phase of the conflict takes place on the floorboard, and who wins is determined by the opponent’s ability to react to the Sanctuary.

The Rock Giant’s absolute judgment ability, “Invincible,” has been demonstrated, but the time required to employ it has been reduced.

A yellow light flickers in the square where Jinhyeok is, and lightning hits from the sky. Jinhyuk had no cuts, despite the fact that he should have gone to ash. But an ice-shaped crystal stops the lightning, leaving Jin-hyuk perplexed.

The longboard talent is essential since it alerts players when adversaries are approaching and allows them to get out of the way. It does, however, require a lot of mana to keep up, and if you use it without thinking, you may run out of mana.

Jinhyuk, a rock giant, is unable to utilize this talent to collect bothersome flies. The Buffalo Giant, who was watching the fight, attempts but fails to spot the Rock Giant. The second phase of the conflict begins, and just one person escapes the Sanctuary.

Jinhyuk extracts a red liquid dubbed “Blood of Medusa” from behind a wall adorned with intricate markings. Medusa used to lose her power when she left the temple, however a barrier can prevent this from happening in rare cases.

The narrative emphasizes the importance of understanding how to use the longboard expertise and its limitations in warfare.

Jinhyuk is a character in this novel who can link various boundaries in a difficult manner. He comes up against an opponent who can attack in almost 3,000 distinct ways. The rock giant’s capacity to convert everything to stone leaves a single hole in each design, making it difficult to pass through.

Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 112 Recap!

22 dark energy businesses are equipped with iron armor in the Tower of Trials, inflicting strange mana and itchy skin. Jinhyuk assesses them, indicating that they are powerful and can deal with up to five at once.

The stone monument at the end of the companies is really impressive. Unknown, the eleventh floor’s ruler and protector, emits an overpowering feeling of intimidation. Jinhyuk utilizes his subspace inventory to develop a barrier firm in preparation for editing sequences with skills and reconstructing the film with barriers.

He also highlights the significance of properly spreading boss bouts and minimizing mana use. Cheonyuseong’s pupils gradually develop, and he squares off against Jinhyuk in a 1:1 contest.

He offers to fight him anywhere, whether it’s in Jamsil Stadium or in the midst of Myeong-dong. Cheon Yoosung pulls his sword, triggering his one-of-a-kind talent, “Song of the Sword.”

Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 113 Release Date

The dark energy firms reacted in tandem in reaction to the intruder’s mana, wielding a two-handed sword over 2m tall and 1.5m tall. The steps were light despite the weight of the blackened iron armor.

The invader was a fighter, and only those who deserved to be there were admitted. Cheon Yu-Seong was at a disadvantage at this level. He was pushed back in a power struggle, and two dark energy businesses sided with Cheonyuseong.

As time passed, the encounter shifted to one side, and the battle shifted to one side as well. Cheon Yu-Seong almost escaped when the final dark energy firm broke in half.

Dark Energy slashed his blade towards Cheonyuseong’s legs, resulting in a square ambush. Cheon Yu-Seong managed to keep his strength for one minute with the final boss despite multiple wounds.

Cheon Yu-Seong achieved his goal by standing up and shooting at the lone surviving adversary with only one step till the rematch with the deceased guy. The ‘Rock Giant,’ the 10th-floor boss monster, awakens and opens his eyes, causing the sky to quake fiercely.

Cheon Yu-Seong sees his development has halted, yet he is determined to fight the monster for only one minute. The rock behemoth, standing up to 5 meters tall, has a shield and bayonet that neither can ignore.

Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 113 Raw Scans!

Regrettably, as of now, raw scans for Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 113 have not been made available to the public. This means that fans who have been eagerly following the series will have to exercise patience and wait for these essential raw scans to be released.

Raw scans typically serve as the initial source material before the chapter is translated and officially published. While fans may be eager to delve into the latest developments and revelations in the story, they will need to wait for the dedicated individuals who acquire and share these raw scans to make them accessible.

Where Can I Read Solo Max Level Newbie Chapter 113?

It is usually recommended to read manhwas or manga on their official websites. You can read Solo Max Level Newbie on the ManhwaBookShelf and Naver Webtoon websites. These are the official manhwa websites where you may read it online.


In the captivating realm of “Solo Max Level Newbie,” fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming Chapter 113, brimming with trials and growth for our protagonist. With its release date set for August 12, 2023, readers can look forward to unraveling the intriguing plotlines and witnessing Jinhyuk’s evolving skill set. The chapter promises an encounter with the formidable rock giant and a display of unique abilities, heightening the excitement for what’s to come. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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