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Tower of God Chapter 585 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where to Read?


Tower of God Chapter 585 Release Date: The next chapter in the story is Tower of God Chapter 585. From here on out, the war between the Po Bidau family and the Lo Po Bia family will get worse. Hugo has chosen to go after the enemy fleet herself, so Albedo has also joined the fight. In the next few scenes, Albedo and Hugo are going to fight, and it’s going to get pretty rough.

Yasaracha and Yama, on the other hand, were able to get their hands on the book, but they got the wrong one. They don’t know this yet, so it’s very exciting to think about what will happen when they finally figure out that all their work has been for nothing.

Baam was also nowhere to be found in the last chapter, so we don’t know what he might be doing. In Tower of God Chapter 585, there will be a lot more action and drama.

Tower of God Chapter 585 Release Date and Time!

Tower of God Chapter 585 will come out at 12 a.m. JST on Sunday, August 20, 2023.

Time Zone Date Time
Central European Time Saturday, August 19 05:00 PM
Eastern European Time Saturday, August 19 06:00 PM
New York Saturday, August 19 11:00 AM
Pacific Time Saturday, August 19 08:00 AM
Indian Standard Time Saturday, August 19 08:30 PM
Singapore Standard Time Saturday, August 19 11:00 PM
Philippines Standard Time Saturday, August 19 11:00 PM
Eastern Indonesian Time Sunday, August 20 12:00 AM
Japanese Standard Time Sunday, August 20 12:00 AM
Australian Central Time Sunday, August 20 12:30 AM
Korean Standard Time Sunday, August 20 12:00 AM

Tower of God Chapter 585 Spoilers!

Fans of the renowned manga series “Tower of God” have been eagerly anticipating the release of Chapter 585, thirsting for the next installment of the epic storyline. As whispers of potential spoilers circulate within the fandom, speculation runs rampant about the fate of beloved characters and the progression of the overarching narrative.

While detailed information remains elusive, fervent discussions abound in online communities, with readers analyzing foreshadowing, character motivations, and potential plot twists.

Tower of God Chapter 584 Recap!

At the beginning of the chapter, Lobadon’s and Hugo’s warships are fighting in the battle area. Hugo stands at the edge of her ship and watches the fight. Suddenly, she hears that the Lobadon fleet has set up a barrier to protect itself.

Hugo can’t believe that the people who came to attack them are now defending themselves and only striking from far away.

Hugo asks about the destroyed gate, but she says that even though it can’t be fixed, it’s not important from a strategic point of view, so Lobadon probably thought it was the gate to the mother ship.

Tower of God Chapter 585 Release Date

Hugo tells all warships to be on the lookout because she doesn’t know what Lobadon fleet wants from them. On the other side of the fight, Lobadon stands at the front of his battleships and watches how the battle is going.

Lobadon gets a report saying that, given their current size, the forces would take a big hit if the Hugo fleet didn’t hold back and sent some high-ranking people. Officers ask Lobadon to send out the Beastkin, but he won’t because he made a promise to them.

Lobadon tells his soldiers that he knows Hugo and that, even though she likes to fight, she wouldn’t give up her men for the fun of it. Lobadon tells everyone that she won’t fight back as long as they don’t hurt Hugo’s ship too much.

Lobadon says that if things stay like they are, they will lose as little as possible and might even be able to talk to the Po Bidau family. Inside the Victor fleet, a few people who support Hugo are planning a big blast to make her fight Albedo and die because they all hate her.

Hugo sees that her Anchorage ship has exploded and wonders how it happened since the enemy hasn’t even hit yet. She gets a report that says something got out of the vehicle. Hugo wonders if Albedo has been waiting for this whole time. The Lo Po Bia family sends out a discernment answer and sends out the Execution team of the Kirin Army.

The Po Bidau fleet takes a big hit when the Kirin Execution Squad kills a big chunk of their forces very fast. Hugo thinks he can’t hold back any longer, so he asks the mother ship for help and goes to fight Albedo head-on.

Hugo’s subordinates try to stop her by telling her that she is worth more than the whole fleet, but she doesn’t listen because she wants to live up to that value.

Hugo says that their army would be wiped out if she stayed back any longer. Hugo gets to the defense line and smashes it with one hit, which scares the whole Lo Po Bia army.

She keeps making trouble in Albedo’s fleet until Albedo chooses to stop her himself. Albedo tries to get Hugo to turn back, but she won’t because her fleet has been damaged.

Tower of God Chapter 585 Raw Scans!

Enthusiastic followers of the captivating manga series “Tower of God” are eagerly awaiting the highly anticipated Chapter 585, hungering for any scrap of information that might hint at the direction of the story.

As of now, raw scans of the upcoming chapter have yet to be released, leaving readers on the edge of their seats. Fans are buzzing with anticipation, eagerly checking sources and forums in the hopes of stumbling upon the early, unedited versions that might provide a glimpse into the unfolding events.

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Where to Read Tower of God Chapter 585?

You can read the Korean raw version of Tower of God Chapter 585 on Naver Comic. The Tower of God manhwa is also available in English on Webtoon, but the story is behind the original raw release, so you would have to wait.


In anticipation of Tower of God Chapter 585, fans are bracing for an escalating conflict between the Po Bidau and Lo Po Bia families. Hugo’s bold move to confront the enemy fleet, aided by Albedo, promises a high-stakes showdown. Yasaracha and Yama’s book pursuit takes an unexpected turn, while Baam’s absence adds mystery. With its imminent release at 12 a.m. JST on August 20, 2023, excitement is building for another riveting chapter of Tower of God. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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