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When Villainess And Villain Meet Chapter 5 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where To Read?


When Villainess And Villain Meet Chapter 5 Release Date: Chapter 5 of “When Villainess and Villain Meet” will be out this weekend. In “When Villainess and Villain Meet,” Fantasy and Romance blend together in a smooth way. The story is about Atalanta and was written by Im Hayam and Sarkk. Ssogari’s drawing skills were used to draw the pictures.

Her life takes a turn she didn’t expect when she becomes the strong head of a group in the underworld that is known for defying royalty. The evil Archduke Lionel Bianque is sent to kill Atalanta by the ruler. She reluctantly agrees because she wants a normal life with her friends.

During the Great Siege, she tries to kill someone in a risky way. As Atalanta’s life in the dangerous underground and her desire for love pull her in different directions, her fate is in the balance. Lionel resists death, which makes her task harder and makes her feel things she didn’t expect.

When Villainess And Villain Meet Chapter 5 Release Date And Time!

Chapter 5 of When Villainess and Villain Meet will be out on August 27, 2023. Let’s look at when When Villainess and Villain Meet Chapter 5 will air in different parts of the world:

Location Time Date
US 07:00 AM EST Sunday, August 27
Canada 07:00 AM NT Sunday, August 27
India 04:30 PM IST Sunday, August 27
Australia 09:00 PM AEST Sunday, August 27
Philippines 07:00 PM PHT Sunday, August 27
Japan 08:00 PM JST Sunday, August 27
South Korea 08:00 PM KST Sunday, August 27

When Villainess And Villain Meet Chapter 5 Spoilers!

In the eagerly anticipated Chapter 5 of “When Villainess And Villain Meet,” fans are on the edge of their seats wondering how the encounter between the protagonist villainess and the antagonist villain will unfold.

When Villainess And Villain Meet Chapter 5 Release Date

The story has been building up to this confrontation, and fans are excited to see whether their initial clash will lead to unexpected alliances or even more intense conflicts. The tension between the two characters has been escalating, and readers can’t wait to find out how their interactions will shape the direction of the narrative.

When Villainess And Villain Meet Chapter 4 Recap!

When Atlanta and Petrocera go to the Archduke’s meeting in Chapter 4 of “When Villainess and Villain Meet,” they get into a tricky position. At this event, Atlanta meets Lionel, who happens to be the person Atlanta wants to kill. Atlanta is shocked by this news, but she does her best to stay calm.

Atlanta is Lionel’s wife, and he is happy to see her. Even though he doesn’t care about his girlfriend, Princess Leticia, he tries to get close to Atlanta, but guards stop him, leaving him confused and hurt.

In front of the council, the Archduke says something shocking. He also makes Lionel the heir to his area and reveals that Atlanta is the leader of the Argo group, a group that works against the nobles.

She is charged with spying and treason and given a death sentence. Even though Atlanta strongly denied it, the Archduke was not satisfied and told the guards to catch her. In a brave move, Atlanta fights back and just gets out of the council room.

She meets Lionel, who starts following her and tries to keep her safe. Because he kept at it, Atlanta told him the shocking truth: she was hired to kill the emperor, and he is now under the effects of a love drug. She also says that she has been poisoned and that if she falls asleep, she will die.

Lionel is shocked and upset by what he learns. Atlanta runs away from Lionel, but then she runs into Petrocera, who has also gotten away. Both friends decide to split up so that they have a better chance of getting out of the house.

When Atlanta is alone, she runs into Leticia, who says that Atlanta is trying to seduce Lionel. Leticia’s original plan was to use Lionel as a pawn, but he fell in love with Atlanta instead, which changed Leticia’s plans. When Leticia finally said who she was, she said she was part of the Argo group and was working with the Archduke to get rid of the emperor.

During a violent fight, when Leticia stabs Atlanta with a knife, Atlanta barely escapes killing her by stabbing her in the chest. As Atlanta keeps running away, she runs into Lionel again. He has killed some of the guards who are chasing her. She leaves Leticia behind and keeps trying to find a way to get away.

He doesn’t know if Atlanta should stay with him or not because he doesn’t care about the poison or the love medicine she talks about. He promises that he will save her and make her happy. Atlanta has a strange feeling in her heart, and she doesn’t know if it’s sadness or something else. She is torn apart by her feelings, and she thinks about killing Lionel to end it all.

Atlanta lifts her sword and tries to hit Lionel with all her might, but he uses his sword to protect himself. Their swords kept hitting each other, and they came to a tight standstill. During a very close moment, they put down their weapons and enthusiastically hug. They kiss deeply, ignoring for a moment the chaos in the room.

When Villainess And Villain Meet Chapter 5 Raw Scans!

Enthusiasts of “When Villainess And Villain Meet” are eagerly awaiting the release of raw scans for Chapter 5. As the story delves deeper into the intricate dynamics between the protagonist villainess and the antagonist villain, readers are eager to gain insights into their evolving relationship.

When Villainess And Villain Meet Chapter 5 Release Date

The previous chapters have laid the foundation for a complex narrative, and fans are speculating about potential plot twists and character developments that Chapter 5 might bring.

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Where to Read When Villainess And Villain Meet Chapter 5?

Fans can read Chapter 5 raw of When Villainess and Villains Meet on Comic Naver.


Get ready for the highly anticipated release of “When Villainess And Villain Meet” Chapter 5 this weekend. Im Hayam, Sarkk, and Ssogari’s masterful storytelling has woven a captivating blend of fantasy and romance. As Atalanta’s journey takes unexpected turns in the underworld, the clash between characters like Archduke Lionel Bianque leaves readers eager for more. With Chapter 5’s imminent arrival on August 27, 2023, fans worldwide are counting down to delve into the evolving dynamics of this intriguing manga. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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