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How to Beat Duriel in Diablo 4? Let’s Explore!


How to Beat Duriel in Diablo 4? Fans’ thoughts on the new Diablo IV game from Blizzard Entertainment have been mixed. Even though the story and images of the video game are great, there are a lot of mistakes in it. Every day has a new mistake code. If you keep making these mistakes, don’t worry!

Today, though, we are going to talk about one of Diablo IV’s bad boys. It looks like Duriel is the hardest enemy you could face in the game. Many people have trouble beating him. We’re here to help if you do, too. Join us, and we’ll show you how to beat Duriel in Diablo IV with tips, tricks, and step-by-step directions.

An Overview of Duriel!

Duriel, the Lord of Pain, is Andariel’s twin brother. How does Duriel appear? He has straight, fanged lips, teeth that are more cruel than insect-like, a crown that looks forward, feathers on his upper body, and a small top at the back of his head.

He looks less like a bug and more like Ghom than he did in Diablo II. Also, he is missing the extra set of short legs for his toroso. Duriel is one of Lilith’s top leaders.

How to Beat Duriel in Diablo 4?

In act six of the Walls Shake, you will face Duriel. Before you can make a plan to beat Duriel, you need to know what he can do. But what kind of strikes come with Duriel?

First, it throws up. Now, yes, that is a very gross thing to do. But that’s not just any old vomit. It’s bad for you. So, you will have to stay away from these pools of vomit when you see them. Bring potions with you. They will help you get rid of the poison if you get it.

His close-range strikes come next. He makes the most of his big body. How? Well, he’ll slam his claw into the ground, making noise and maybe even shaking the ground, and then he’ll attack you. So, watch out. All of these things can hurt you in a lot of ways. Do not. Keep moving around him while you look for a chance to hit him.

Duriel will sometimes throw up worms from his big, fat stomach. Again, you have to avoid the weapons while he pulls his body back and sticks out his stomach to throw the creepy crawlies.

How to Beat Duriel in Diablo 4

Duriel can dig holes that keep him safe from attacks and let him come out and hurt people. Use this time to get well and feel better before continuing the fight. When the fight starts up again, use the break to get ready. You also get a good chance to plan your strikes. You should make the most of this time.

There are only two parts to Duriel’s hp. This makes the fight even more hard. How? Well, you don’t get as many chances to use the health pills that Duriel gives you. So, a big part of the whole plan should be figuring out how to use medicines well and making them less harmful.

You can use potions to get back to life even if you are stuck in Duriel’s stomach. Don’t give up, even if you end up getting eaten. Stay closer, hurt him, and avoid his moves that you know are coming. Most of Duriel’s hits are easy to dodge if you plan your moves ahead of time.

But what do you get out of it? What do you get after you beat the powerful Duriel? After you win, Duriel will give you a number of things, such as small bags of gold, one piece of famous gear, and another piece of gear whose value is unknown.

When you beat him, The Walls Shake will also be over, and you’ll get 35,569 XP and 3,010 Gold. Not a bad cost to pay for beating Duriel, huh? We hope this long guide on How to Beat Duriel: Diablo 4 helped you do it. If you have any ideas, tell us about them in the comments. Stay tuned with Crossover99 to get more details and hacks about Gaming.

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