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How to Save Mayrina in Baldur’s Gate 3? Explained


How to Save Mayrina in Baldur’s Gate 3? There are several possibilities to be the hero (or the bad guy, for that matter) in Baldur’s Gate 3. Players who visit the Fetid Bog will learn of Mayrina’s struggle, which serves as an early illustration of this.

There are several mysteries to find and missions to accomplish in the first region that players encounter in Baldur’s Gate 3; in fact, this one area took up the entire early access version of the game. The Fetid Bog and Mayrina’s journey are included in this.

How Can I Locate the Fetid Bog?

In order to locate Mayrina’s mission, players must first visit the Fetid Bog and speak with her family, who are attempting to find Auntie Ethel’s location. For more on that conversation as well as directions for locating and traversing the bog, see this guide.

Where Can I Find Mayrina?

Mayrina may be seen at the Riverside Teahouse, where Ethel is pressuring her to eat until she feels sick. She will cancel the agreement with Ethel and be teleported away if you tell her about the tragic demise of her family in the Bog.

Ethel will also be whisked away if you enquire about Mayrina inordinately. Mayrina will likewise be whisked away if she accepts Ethel’s offer to manage the Illithid Tadpole.

How to Save Mayrina in Baldur's Gate 3

When Ethel is provoked, she will engage in combat with her Redcap companions and flee via a secret opening in the fireplace. After defeating the Redcaps, players can switch off the fireplace and enter the woman’s lair from the back. Players will also unintentionally start this conflict if they find the hidden path.

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How to Rescue Mayrina?

Players will need to figure out how to get past the live door barring the route ahead after entering Ethel’s lair. It is possible to see through Ethel’s deceptive wooden masks, but doing so also offers her the opportunity to seize control of the person donning the mask.

They can withstand it with a good wisdom save (made easier by having “Oath of the Ancients” as a paladin), but it’s still preferable to take it off after entering the room. In addition, players can intimidate or threaten the door to force it to reveal its passageway; however, this requires a successful persuasion or intimidation check.

Players will immediately enter an open space after entering through the door before being attacked by some of Ethel’s brainwashed thralls. Since they’re not rational, it is a good moment to test out the non-lethal attack, but players should exercise caution and refrain from taking off their masks because doing so will result in their demise.

A passage that continues towards Ethel’s hideout beyond this spot is guarded by poisonous clouds. These may be set on fire to temporarily remove the gas, however moving across the area will become hazardous due to the flames until players are able to shut the vents. Only successful perception checks can reveal these vents, which can be concealed by placing anything on top of them.

Players will eventually reach the location where Mayrina is being held after navigating the region with the gas clouds. There, they must battle Ethel to free Mayrina from this mess. It may be quite challenging to fight Ethel, especially if players attempt to do so at a lesser level.

She has the ability to conjure illusions that are autonomous spellcasters, and she frequently uses hold to paralyze the group. She may also debuff the group and deal damage with her beam of illness.

Players must make for the control orb on the opposite side of the chamber to lower Mayrina’s cage and let her out before it kills her because Ethel will set Mayrina’s cage on fire to begin the battle.

How to Save Mayrina in Baldur's Gate 3

Because only the genuine Ethel is capable of receiving debuffs, players can distinguish the real Ethel from the fakes. It’s also a good idea to tag her with Witchbolt to keep track of the genuine one.

Players should be careful to mark her before that moment in order to prevent mistakenly murdering Mayrina because she will attempt to switch with her at some point as well. When she runs out of health, she will try to make a deal with the group to keep Mayrina in return for influence.

Here, if they succeed on an intimidation check, they can convince her to grant them the power and Mayrina as well. Since she must have very little health left for this dialog to appear, players might potentially simply kill her at this point.

Players should talk to Mayrina outside near her husband’s grave after Freeing Mayrina and obtaining the “Bitter Divorce” wand from the next chamber. Regardless matter whether the wand is used or destroyed, the mission will now be deemed successful, and Mayrina will go to Baldur’s Gate. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more gaming updates and hacks.

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