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Finding Camellia Chapter 87 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where to Read?


Finding Camellia Chapter 87 Release Date: Camellia will finally meet her mother in Finding Camellia Chapter 87, after looking for her for years without success. Camellia was taken away from her mother by her real father and his wife. They did this to replace their sick son and keep the family’s position in the Empire.

Camellia was forced to live as a boy and was often beaten by the housekeeper, who hated her because she was proof that her husband was cheating on her. At this point, Camellia had been looking for her mother for a long time and had finally found her.

Even though it was a happy event, Camellia didn’t feel all that happy when she saw her mother because it was clear that her mother was working with the rebel group. The group worked to get rid of nobility and make everyone the same under the new rule.

Finding Camellia Chapter 87 Release Date And Time!

Finding Camellia Chapter 87 will come out at 12:00 AM KST on Saturday, September 9, 2023.

Time Zone Date Time
India (IST) Friday, 1 Sep 8:30 PM
Japan (JST) Saturday, 2 Sep 12:00 AM
Korea (KST) Saturday, 2 Sep 12:00 AM
USA (EST) Friday, 1 Sep 11:00 AM
UK (GMT) Friday, 1 Sep 4:00 PM
Philippines (PHT) Friday, 1 Sep 11:00 PM
Australia (AEST) Saturday, 2 Sep 1:00 AM

Finding Camellia Chapter 87 Spoilers!

As avid readers eagerly anticipate the upcoming release of Finding Camellia Chapter 87, the anticipation is intensified by the lack of available spoilers. The manga’s intricate plot has left fans yearning for hints about the direction the story will take in this new installment.

Finding Camellia Chapter 87 Release Date

With the previous chapter leaving us on the edge of our seats, speculations abound regarding the fate of the characters and the twists that await them. The absence of spoilers only heightens the mystery, making it difficult for fans to predict the revelations and developments that will unfold in this crucial chapter.

Finding Camellia Chapter 86 Recap!

In the last chapter of Finding Camellia, Camellia sees a vase outside her house, and the maids bring it inside. Camellia thinks the vase looks strange, so she breaks it on the floor and watches as diamonds fall out.

Recently, there was a theft at the Bale Manor, and these diamonds were the ones that were taken. They were put there by the group. Camellia remembers the note the group sent her before, so she chooses to go meet them at the place they said and finally meet her mother as well.

When Claude sees everything, he is very confused. He tells Camellia that, since Ivan is standing outside, he will ask him to look around for anyone who looks strange. Camellia is afraid that Claude will help her because her mother is also involved with the group, so she turns down Claude’s offer.

Claude is upset that Camellia didn’t want his help, and he asks her why she always says no. Camellia told him that it was a family problem and that he didn’t belong there. She wanted to handle everything on her own, so he didn’t need to help.

When Claude hears that, he feels sad, and Camellia leaves to go to the place where the group asked her to go. Camellia walks into a normal-looking shop, and the tailor sends her to the person in charge. The person in charge then shows Camellia around the store.

When Camellia asks about her mother, someone tells her that her mother is at the offices and that Camellia will see her soon.

The man starts talking about the organization’s goal by going after Camellia’s weak spots while she tries to keep her cool. Soon, they get where they’re going, and Camellia sees her mother playing happily with some kids.

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Finding Camellia Chapter 87 Raw Scans!

Fans of Finding Camellia are eagerly awaiting the release of raw scans for Chapter 87, which have not yet been made available. The journey of discovering the secrets behind the camellia emblem has captivated readers, and the desire to witness the story’s progression firsthand is palpable. As anticipation builds for the raw scans to surface, fans are left with imaginations running wild, speculating about the visuals, dialogues, and pivotal moments that will define this chapter.

Finding Camellia Chapter 87 Release Date

Where to Read Finding Camellia Chapter 86?

You can read Chapter 87 of Finding Camellia on Manta on the above date and time.


In Finding Camellia Chapter 87, readers are poised for a significant moment as Camellia finally reunites with her missing mother. The reunion carries emotional weight, yet it’s marred by the revelation that her mother is aligned with a rebel group. With the absence of spoilers, anticipation intensifies, and fans are left to speculate about the upcoming revelations. Meanwhile, the eagerly awaited raw scans for Chapter 87 have yet to be released, fueling fans’ imaginations and curiosity. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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