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Blue Box Chapter 115 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, And Where to Read?


Blue Box Chapter 115 Release Date: This weekend, Blue Box – Chapter 115 is scheduled for release. The talented author MIURA Kouji authored and illustrated the “Blue box” manga series. This narrative, which combines romance, school life, a slice of life, and athletics, is a delightful blend of emotions, daily life, and athletic endeavors.

Taiki Inomata is a committed member of the badminton team at the prestigious Eimei Junior and Senior High School. Chinatsu Kano, a gifted basketball player who trains every morning with Taiki, always guards his emotions. Their relationship is dependent on their consistent interaction. On a spring day, however, an unforeseen event alters their dynamic and sets the stage for a captivating narrative.

In “Green Box”, readers can anticipate a unique journey of love, sportsmanship, and juvenile vitality. Focusing on Taiki and Chinatsu’s emotions and aspirations, this manga portrays the excitement and difficulty of high school life in an engaging manner. Let’s determine when chapter 115 of Blue Box will be released, the timetable, and where it can be accessed.

Blue Box Chapter 115 Release Date And Time!

The release of Blue Box Chapter 115 is scheduled for September 3, 2023. Let’s examine the Blue Box Chapter 115 release times for various regions:

Time Zone Time Date
Japanese Standard Time 12:00 AM Monday, 4 September 2023
Indian Standard Time 08:30 PM Sunday, 3 September 2023
Central European Time 05:00 PM Sunday, 3 September 2023
Australian Central Standard Time 12:30 AM Monday, 4 September 2023
Eastern Indonesian Time midnight Monday, 4 September 2023
Pacific Time 08:00 AM Sunday, 3 September 2023
Eastern European Time 06:00 PM Sunday, 3 September 2023
Korean Standard Time 12:00 AM Monday, 4 September 2023

Blue Box Chapter 115 Spoilers!

Fans of “Blue Box” are eagerly awaiting any hints or spoilers about the upcoming Chapter 115, but unfortunately, no official spoilers have surfaced yet. The story has taken numerous exciting turns, and readers are left wondering about the fate of Taiki and Chinatsu’s relationship.

Blue Box Chapter 115 Release Date

The anticipation for potential surprises, twists, and character developments in the next chapter is steadily building, leaving the fanbase intrigued and eager for any insights that might emerge.

Blue Box Chapter 114 Recap!

The badminton tournament commences in Blue Box Chapter 114, “First Day,” with our protagonist Taiki facing Shuhei Yaguchi. The fact that Yaguchi and Chinatsu are childhood friends adds to their animosity and heightens the emotional intensity of the competition. At the outset of the chapter, Taiki and Yaguchi shake hands before the match commences.

Taiki was filled with determination as he reflected on the countless hours he had spent preparing for this situation. It has two objectives: First, he desired victory for Chinatsu, the woman he cherished. Yaguchi confessed her emotions to Chinatsu during a particularly hectic time, but Chinatsu politely declined.

Despite his emotions for Yaguchi, Taiki chooses to feel grateful and guilty for the match. Early in the battle, Yaguchi was caught off guard by Taiki’s powerful strikes, demonstrating his dedication and loyalty. Due to his enhanced skill and speed, he claimed the first set with an outstanding score of 21-15.

Yaguchi, being a gentleman, cautiously acknowledged Taiki’s abilities. Through years of badminton play, he has amassed a wealth of strategic and tactical expertise. Yaguchi began the second set by modifying his strategy subtly. He adopted a more defensive strategy, employing modest assaults and net margins to allow Taiki to move freely around the field.

Yaguchi adds psychological substance to the incident by discretely making light of Taiki’s relationship with Chinatsu. When asked if he can make her happy, Taiki suggests that he should get to know her better. He emphasizes the difficulty of being with an elite athlete like Chinatsu and supporting her endeavors. Taiki is annoyed by Yaguchi’s psychological strategy, so he consciously attempts to concentrate on the game.

Taiki is indifferent to aptitude differences. His only desire is to be with her. Taiki is inspired by her inner strength and recalls Chinatsu’s unwavering commitment to assisting Chinatsu as he did. The chapter ends on a suspenseful cliffhanger as the final rally of the second set between the two competitors is about to commence.

They exchange points and engage in an exciting rally worth two points. During a difficult contest, Chinatsu receives an email from her instructor informing her that she has been selected for the national team. She firmly supports and has complete faith in Taiki.

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Blue Box Chapter 115 Raw Scans!

As the release date for “Blue Box” Chapter 115 approaches, fans are also eagerly awaiting the availability of raw scans. These raw scans offer an early glimpse into the visual and narrative elements of the chapter before its official translation.

Blue Box Chapter 115 Release Date

However, at this moment, the raw scans for Chapter 115 have not yet been made available. The absence of raw scans intensifies the curiosity and excitement among readers, who are keen to explore the story’s progression, character interactions, and any pivotal moments that the chapter may hold.

Where to Read Chapter 115 of Blue Box?

Blue Box Chapter 115 is available in unedited format on Shonen Jump. Blue Box is offered for FREE in English translation on Manga Plus and Viz.


As the release of “Blue Box” Chapter 115 draws near, fans are excited to continue the emotional journey crafted by MIURA Kouji. This manga’s unique blend of romance, sports, and everyday life has captivated readers’ hearts. While no official spoilers are available for Chapter 115, the story’s unpredictability keeps fans eager for potential twists. The recent events, like Taiki and Chinatsu’s intense badminton match in Chapter 114, have left readers intrigued and eagerly awaiting more. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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