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How To Join The UC Vanguard in Starfield?


“Starfield,” the highly anticipated game, promises an expansive universe where players have the freedom to carve their own path within the Settled Systems. Embracing a true open-world experience, the game allows players to embody the character they envision, enabling a vast spectrum of role-playing possibilities, from the valiant hero to the cunning villain.

One of the paths players can take to embody the hero archetype is by aligning themselves with the United Colonies Vanguard. This faction represents the military might of the UC, vigilantly patrolling the United Colonies to maintain safety and order.

By choosing to join this esteemed group, players can immerse themselves in a role that champions justice and protection throughout the vast galactic expanse.

For those aspiring to become a stalwart defender of peace in “Starfield,” a comprehensive guide is available to facilitate their journey into the ranks of the United Colonies Vanguard, providing insights and assistance along the way.

What Is The UC Vanguard?

The UC Vanguard is a police force for the United Colonies. It is made up of people from the United Colonies. If someone who is not from the UC wants to buy land in the UC, they can finish a course in the UC Vanguard and become a citizen.

How To Join The UC Vanguard in Starfield

This would make it possible for them to buy one of the many homes for sale in New Atlantis. This group will give players a good amount of money (around 10,800 Credits per task). You can also get one of the best houses in the game (the best one if you don’t have the Dream Home Trait).

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How To Join The UC Vanguard in Starfield?

It’s pretty easy to join the UC Vanguard if you want to. You need to go to New Atlantis on the planet Jemison first. Since this is where The Lodge is, it will be the first big place you go to. Once you get there, you should go to the MAST District and go into the big gray building that says MAST.

Inside, look to your left and you’ll see a desk with the word “VANGUARD” written on it. The man there will ask you to take a test if you want to join the UC Vanguard after you talk to him.

All you have to do to move on is take the lift to the testing center. From there, you can walk through the information screens on the UC. If you do this, the captain will say something about it.

After you see that, you can use a flying simulator to go into the area. For this test, you have to destroy three enemy ships. After that is done, you will be told that you are now part of the UC Vanguard. You can go back up to your room and accept your first job. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Gaming Updates.

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