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Ahsoka Episode 7 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where to Watch?


Ahsoka Episode 7 Release Date: Ahsoka Tano used to be a young Padawan who learned from Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars. She is now a Jedi Knight.

Ahsoka grew up to be a strong leader and warrior who was connected to the good side of the Force. This was before the Empire took over and changed the course of galactic history.

After the Empire fell, Ahsoka Tano started looking into a new threat that was starting to show up in a world that was getting more and more dangerous. This new threat was going to tear everything apart.

Ahsoka Episode 7 Release Date And Time!

Ahsoka is now back to doing the same thing every week, which is to say, one show. This will come out on Tuesday, September 26 at 6 pm PT and 9 pm ET. This means that people in the UK and further afield can expect this to drop on Wednesday, September 27 at 2:00 a.m. (GMT) and 7:30 a.m. (IST).

The change in time seems to be a way for Disney to try to win back some users in the US, especially since their streaming service has been losing money and customers at an alarming rate in recent months.

Ahsoka Episode 7 Spoilers!

Sabine’s situation on Peridea is becoming increasingly precarious as Thrawn and his stormtroopers arrive on the scene. Thrawn sees potential in Sabine and implies that she will be a valuable asset, possibly for his own plans or the Empire’s interests.

Ahsoka Episode 7 Release Date

Sabine’s resilience and resourcefulness will likely come into play as she navigates this perilous situation, aiming to reunite with Ezra and confront the looming threat. Baylan’s ulterior motives and the mysteries surrounding the Jedi Temple’s cycle suggest deeper layers to the story that may unravel as the plot progresses.

The tension and stakes are set to escalate as the episode unfolds, promising action, revelations, and unexpected alliances.

Ahsoka Episode 6 Recap!

Episode 6 of Ahsoka starts with the star whales jumping through hyperspace while Ahsoka and Huyang talk about what happened to Sabine. Ahsoka thinks she is to blame for Sabine making the wrong choice, while Huyang wonders if it was the only choice Sabine had.

Sabine wakes up in a holding cell after being held prisoner by the devil. Baylan shows and thinks this is a good time to think about the choices she has made. He laughs and walks away when she asks about Ezra. We know, though, that he still plans to keep his promise to her.

The hyperspace ring gets to where it needs to go, which is a planet called Peridea. This is where Morgan’s relatives, the Dathomiri, came from a long time ago. It’s also the end of the path that star whales take when they move. Whales come here to die, so Peridea is a graveyard, and the rings around the planet? Full of bones from star whales.

Sabine is brought out with Baylan, Morgan, and Shin, and they go down to the surface of the planet. They finally land at their location, which is a big tower with a shrine on top. Morgan and the others are met by three women in red robes.

This is the Great Mother and other witches who have come to the Star Wars world. They look at Sabine and think that she is dangerous because she “reeks of Jedi” They decide to keep her locked up alone instead of, you know, killing the danger.

Baylan has a bad feeling about this planet, but he gives some information about how the Jedi Temple burned down and how the fall of the Jedi and rise of the empire happens over and over again. Baylan wants to try to break out of this loop, and he thinks that Thrawn may be the key to making this stop for good.

A star destroyer shows up quickly and flies dangerously close to the shrine. The ship lands on this tower, and Thrawn and a group of interesting stormtroopers walk forward. Thrawn talks about Sabine as a “loose thread.”

But he also thinks she will be “of great use” to them. He talks to Sabine and tells her that he will keep his promise. But once his spaceship goes, she will be on this planet by herself.

Sabine isn’t scared and makes some jokes before she gets her guns back and is let out of the room. Baylan Skroll chooses to go with her when she heads out into the wild. He plans to kill her as soon as she and Ezra are back together.

Ahsoka Episode 7 Release Date

Bandits in the area shoot at Sabine until she uses her blade to kill them. In the process, her radio gets broken, and Baylan and Shin watch from afar.

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Where Can I Read Ahsoka to Watch?

Ahsoka can be seen on Disney+ all over the world. Since this is an original to Disney+, this is the only place you can watch it.


In Ahsoka Episode 7, Ahsoka Tano, now a seasoned Jedi Knight, faces a new post-Empire threat. It releases on September 26 at 6 pm PT and 9 pm ET. Sabine’s situation on Peridea becomes more precarious with Thrawn’s arrival, hinting at escalating tensions and unexpected alliances. Watch exclusively on Disney+. To read more Entertainment related articles, stay tuned with our website 

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