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Berserk of Gluttony Episode 2 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where to Watch?


Berserk of Gluttony Episode 2 Release Date: A cartoon called Berserk of Gluttony is based on a set of Japanese light novels written by Ichika Isshiki and drawn by fame. In March 2018, Daisuke Takino began drawing a manga version of the story.

Fate Graphite, the main character of Berserk of Gluttony, was shown to be at the bottom of the social ladder in the first episode of the season. In this world, people with more skills were at the top.

But it looks like his life is changing now that he’s using his Gluttony skill. Here is a full list of when Berserk of Gluttony Episode 2 will be available to watch and how to do it.

Berserk of Gluttony Episode 2 Release Date And Time!

Episode 2 of Berserk of Gluttony will air on Japanese TV on Thursday, October 12, 2023, at 1:30 am JST throughout Japan. The English-subtitled version of Episode 2 of Berserk of Gluttony will be available a few days early and will be streamed at these times:

Time Zone Time Date
Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) 8:00 AM Sunday, October 8
Central Daylight Time (CDT) 10:00 AM Sunday, October 8
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) 11:00 AM Sunday, October 8
British Summer Time (BST) 4:00 PM Sunday, October 8
Central European Summer Time (CEST) 5:00 PM Sunday, October 8
Indian Standard Time (IST) 8:30 PM Sunday, October 8
Philippine Time (PHT) 11:00 PM Sunday, October 8
Japan Standard Time (JST) 12:00 AM (Monday) Monday, October 9
Australian Central Daylight Time (ACDT) 1:30 AM (Monday) Monday, October 9

Berserk of Gluttony Episode 2 Spoilers!

Finally, in Episode 2 of Berserk of Gluttony, Fate tries to protect the little girl from the man whose concealing skill hides his powers.

The man looks like he works for the Holy Knights, and the girl was probably taken by Rafael. We don’t know what he plans to do with her, but it probably has something to do with his work on eternity.

Berserk of Gluttony Episode 1 Recap!

At the start of the first episode, fighters fought off goblins and gained a lot of experience and valuable items. Fate Graphite, on the other hand, who worked as a guard for the Vlerick Family, complained that he was stuck in a bad situation where he was useless and always hungry. As it turned out, gluttony wasn’t a very useful skill.

The story then showed the Vlerick brothers, who were Holy Knights and were known for being rude and mean. Attacking a man and Fate for no reason, Roxy Hart stepped in to help Fate who was hurt.

Later that night, Fate saw thieves breaking into the Vlerick house and quickly told Lady Roxy. Fate killed one of them while Roxy dealt with the others.

Berserk of Gluttony Episode 2 Release Date

This person was trying to get away. He used his Gluttony skill and got the abilities of Appraisal and Mind Reading at the same time. He could tell Roxy cared about him at that point, so he took her up on her offer to work for the House of Hart.

Fate bought Greed the next day. It was a black blade that he was told would never let him down. Gnomes attacked Fate when he was by himself with his sword, but the blade warned him ahead of time. Fate’s stats went up again as he destroyed the whole crowd. Additionally, Fate saw that he was no longer hungry.

Greed told Fate that Gluttony is a skill that drains your status and skills without raising your level. Greed, who said she was the same kind as Fate, told him not to show off his skill to everyone because greed goes against God’s rules.

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Where Can I Berserk of Gluttony Episode 2?

On Monday, October 9, 2023, at 12 a.m. JST, the next episode of Berserk of Gluttony will be available to watch on U-NEXT, Anime Hodai, and the Muse Asia YouTube account before it airs on TV.


“Berserk of Gluttony” continues to enthrall audiences with its gripping plot and captivating characters. Fate Graphite’s journey from societal underdog to skillful warrior, fueled by the Gluttony skill, keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Episode 2 hints at Fate’s confrontation with a menacing figure from the Holy Knights, adding intrigue to the unfolding narrative. The release date and diverse streaming times ensure fans can catch the next episode, making October 12, 2023, a highly anticipated day for fans. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Anime updates.

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