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Logging 10,000 Years Into The Future Chapter 66 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where to Read?


Logging 10,000 Years Into The Future Chapter 66 Release Date: Given that Lu Sheng is now the Dragon-slaying Martial Arts Champion, it is time for him to improve his skills even more. Lu Sheng started a new life when he joined Kyoto Saint Martial University with the help of the Provincial Governor.

What new dangers does Lu Sheng have to deal with at this university? And what will he do to keep his good name? What will happen? Chapter 66 of Logging 10,000 Years Into The Future will tell us!

The chapter starts with Lu Sheng’s neighbors having a conversation. They seem to be saying that all of Lu Sheng’s neighbors are useless and probably won’t get anything done.

As the neighbors talk, a loud noise cuts them off, and they all turn their attention to where the sound is coming from. A man in the neighborhood hears this noise coming from a car and knows right away what number plate it is.

Logging 10,000 Years Into The Future Chapter 66 Release Date And Time!

Logging 10,000 Years Into The Future Chapter 66 will come out at 12 a.m. JST on Sunday, October 29, 2023.

Logging 10,000 Years Into The Future Chapter 66 Spoilers!

Keeping track of time 10,000 years from now In Chapter 66, Lu Sheng will have a party at his house to celebrate all of his accomplishments. The woman next door has never gotten along with the Lu family, but she will also bring them gifts to try to make things better between them. Even though Lu Sheng’s family doesn’t want the gifts, she still takes them.

Because of Xia Pingnan’s power, the news about Lu Sheng becoming the Dragon-slaying winner won’t get out until three days later. But as soon as it does, the whole province of Baihe cheers and calls him a rising star.

Logging 10,000 Years Into The Future Chapter 65 Recap!

The Man quickly gets dressed and leaves. When his wife asks him why he’s in such a hurry, he says that the local governor has been to the area. The Woman is shocked and doesn’t understand why someone with such a high rank would go to Baihe, where only plain people live. The Man tells her that a person from their neighborhood has become the Champion of Denglongwu.

Logging 10,000 Years Into The Future Chapter 66 Release Date

The woman is very happy because she thinks her husband will do better if this area is made public. But her happiness fades when she sees that the car of the provincial governor has stopped outside the Lu Family’s house. Their son has become the Denglongwu Champion. He was her neighbor and someone she hated her whole life.

Lu Daihai, Lu Sheng’s dad, sees the fancy car parked outside his house and thinks who could have come. Xia Pingnan, the governor of the province, gets out of the car and asks if Lu Sheng, the legendary martial arts champion, lives there. Both Lu Sheng’s family and everyone else in the area were shocked.

Lu Sheng does the second step of the immortal Golden Body in his room and then gets ready to leave the house. All of a sudden, his sister sends him a message saying that the Governor of the Province has come to see him. Lu Sheng can feel the Grandmaster’s huge spirit right away.

Lu Sheng goes downstairs to meet everyone. Xia Pingnan is filled with joy just by looking at Lu Sheng. Lu Sheng’s energy is like the sun breaking through the dawn. Lu Sheng and Xia Pingnan shake hands, and Xia Pingnan says that he came here to celebrate Lu Sheng on becoming the Dragon-slaying martial arts winner.

Even though Xiapingnan says the ranks haven’t been set yet, Lu Sheng is clearly the favorite to win after looking at his stats. He also says that when all the points are added up, Lu Sheng might have the best total test scores in Dragon Nation’s history. Then, Xia Pingnan gave Lu Sheng a fifty million yuan prize on behalf of the region of Dongning.

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Where to Read Logging 10,000 Years Into The Future Chapter 66?

Only on Kuaikan Manhua can you read Logging 10,000 Years Into The Future Chapter 66 online in its original Chinese language. There is still no approved English translation for the series.


In “Logging 10,000 Years Into The Future Chapter 66,” Lu Sheng’s life takes an exciting turn as he navigates new challenges at Kyoto Saint Martial University, and his neighbors are taken by surprise. Although spoilers are limited, it’s clear that Lu Sheng’s achievements are gaining recognition. The arrival of the provincial governor adds a twist to the story, leaving residents astonished. Readers can find the original Chinese version of the chapter on Kuaikan Manhua while awaiting an official English translation. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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