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Reality Quest Chapter 112 Release Date, Spoilers And Where To Read!


Reality Quest Chapter 112 Release Date: Reality Quest is a manhwa from South Korea. This manga discusses the most problematic present-day issue of students, bullying. The protagonist of the series, Ha Do-wan dies because of extreme pressure on him from one of his school bullies to get rare gaming items. He was resurrected a week before with all new capabilities. 

The storyline is unique and it resonates with the modern gaming world and teenage years as well. Now, Let’s talk about the release date, spoilers, raw scans, and reading platform for Reality Quest Chapter 112.

Reality Quest Chapter 112 Release Date

Release Date for Reality Quest Chapter 112 is 17 November 2023. The date and timings may vary. Scroll down to check the release schedule for Reality Quest Chapter 112 in your region.

Country Date of Release Timings
Japan 17 November 2023 06:30 AM
South Korea 17 November 2023 06:30 AM
Australia 17 November 2023 07:00 AM
India 17 November 2023 03:00 AM
New York (USA) 17 November 2023 05:30 AM
Philippines 17 November 2023 08:30 AM

Do check the timings and dates before you look for any manga or anime.

Where to Read Reality Quest Chapter 112?

The best option for anyone looking for a place to read this fascinating manga is to go to Webtoon. Because it offers a large selection of manga in every genre, this website is an excellent resource for manga fans. Here, you can quickly look up Reality Quest and access some free chapters to know the story. Only a few chapters are available for free preview. Subscribe to the premium service and enjoy boundless manga content every day.

Spoilers For Reality Quest Chapter 112

Spoilers are just predictions, not an original script. Spoilers hinder the growth of the publisher and can distract readers with a fake storyline that can harm the original manga. It is advised not to refer to any spoilers for a better reading experience.  To this date, there are no spoilers available for Reality Quest Chapter 112. If spoilers and raw scans are leaked, then we will bring them to you without any delay.

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Recap of Reality Quest Chapter 111

Reality Quest Chapter 112 Release Date

Bullies force Do-wan Ha, a bullied gamer, to grind to get in-game items for them. Do-wan plays games day and night for a week until he passes out from exhaustion after one bully of this kind demands that he get an incredibly rare item for him or else he will be beaten in front of the most attractive girl in the school.

But one week before his passing, he respawns in his classroom the moment he passes away. Everything is the same as it was before, but he now possesses all of the real-world skills he learned from his gaming! Will Do-wan be able to defeat his bullies with his newly acquired skills and gamified lifestyle?

Read the story on Webtoon and get to know the new life of Do-Wan. Will he be able to win the heart of the prettiest girl in the school? Catch all the chapters on the official platforms.

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November 17, 2023, is the release date of Reality Quest Chapter 112. However, to preserve the element of surprise, spoilers are not available. Readers can access the chapter on the Naver Series and Line Webtoon, although raw scans and spoilers are not yet available. As it develops, the narrative promises action, cunning, and surprising turns. The upcoming chapter has high anticipation from the readers who are desperate for the release of the same.

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