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How To Play Cards Against Humanity? Know Every Rule and Trick Here!


How To Play Cards Against Humanity? A party game for the HORRIBLE PEOPLE! Yes, you read it right, Horrible People. Cards Against Humanity is a well-known party game that is exclusively for adults who are mature enough to handle purposefully provocative and hilarious questions and answers. The objective is to find the funniest, most thought-provoking, or most ingenious way possible to pair the question-and-answer cards.

What Is Cards Against Humanity?

Cards Against Humanity is a question-and-answer game that transforms boring gatherings into lively get-togethers. You can spend endless hours making the most of your awkward personality and mediocre social skills with the fill-in-the-blank party game Cards Against Humanity.

The game is easy to pick up. Every round, a single player draws a question from a black card, to which each player responds with the funniest white card they can find.

What Are The Rules To Play Cards Against Humanity?

  • Gather some of your friends or your family members. You need at least 4 players to play this game. 
  • Once everyone is settled down, they must draw ten white cards from the pack.
  • Choose a player at random. This randomly chosen player is called a CARD CZAR.
  • Card Czar gets a black card from the deck. Now the Card Czar will read whatever is written on the black card out loud. It can be a question or a fill-in-the-blank.
  •  Every player will choose a white card from the cards they have and will pass the card to the Czar. 
  • The card you pass to the Czar is your response to the question asked by the Czar. You must hide your answer from the rest of the group. Try passing the card with the answer facing downward.
  • When everyone hands over their one white card to the Czar, the Czar will shuffle those collected white cards and choose his/her favorite answer.
  • The player who gave that answer will get the black card as an awesome point. 
  • Discard all the used white cards and the player sitting left to the Czar is the new Card Czar.
  • The new Czar then picks another black card and the game continues. 

How Many Cards One Can Choose?

On the bottom of some of the cards, it is instructed to choose two cards. When you get such a card, you gotta choose another card as well.  Keep in mind that the order matters. 

Is This The Only Way To Play The Game?

There are many other ways you can play this game. You can think out of the box and create a new way to play the game. Below I have listed the widely played method.


You may bet one of your Awesome Points to play an extra White Card if a Black Card is played and you believe more than one White Card has a chance to win.

You keep your point if you win. If you lose, the wagered point goes to whoever wins the round.

How To Play Cards Against Humanity?

How To Bypass Rules?

This is the fun element of this game. You can bypass some of the rules whenever you want. You can get on someone’s nerves and beat the shit out of them. But to do so, you must know how to play with the rules.

Packing Heat

To increase their options, all players draw an extra card for Pick 2s before playing the hand. This strategy can boost your chance of winning.

Never Have I Ever

What if you don’t understand your card or most probably don’t like it? You can discard your card. Yes! You can do so. But, here my friend is the catch. You will have to pay the price. Confess your ignorance to the group and the group may mock you. If you are foolish enough then you may likely be turned into a laughing stock.

Rando Cardrissian

Here comes the fictional player! Now the group of players has a common enemy. The Imaginary player. Select a White Card at random from the pile for each round and put it into play. If this card is used by the fictional player Rando Cardrissian to win the game, all of the other players will be sent home in a permanent state of shame.

Last Words

Cards Against Humanity is a game for mature people. It involves all the elements of adult life. Fun, Shame, Humour, Embarrassment, and Fear. This game is not for the faint-hearted. 

If you want to spend some quality time with kids, then grab the kids’ edition as you may not want to compromise their innocence. Many amazing versions or editions are on the market waiting to be explored. So fuel your imagination and create some of your rules and someone will find a way to get around those hilarious rules of yours!

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