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How to View All Your YouTube Comments on Desktop/ iOS/Android? A Step-by-Step Guide in 2023!


Do you wish to change or remove a comment you made on YouTube a while back? To accomplish that, go to your YouTube Watch History and select the video that you have left a remark on.

You may quickly locate your comment to edit or remove from there. What happens, though, if you want to change or remove any previous remarks or can’t find the YouTube video you left a comment on? Here’s how to view every YouTube remark you’ve left on iOS, Android, and desktop devices.

Since it’s a relatively simple process, let’s start with the desktop.

View All Your YouTube Comments on Desktop

1. Use your preferred browser to access YouTube and view your comment history. To access the History option, click the hamburger menu symbol and select it.

how to find your comments on youtube

2. The Comments option should be shown in the sidebar under History. To open it, click on it.

3. Your YouTube Comments will open on the Google My Activity page as a result. All of the comments you have left on YouTube videos are viewable here.

4. To remove a specific remark, just click the Cross symbol next to it.

5. Open the YouTube video by clicking on the link below before editing your comments. Next, to update your comment, scroll down to the comment box, click the three-dot menu next to your comment, and choose the update option.

There is an alternate method to view your YouTube data, including messages exchanged during live chat, by utilizing the Google My Activity website. On YouTube, select Manage your Google Account > Data and Privacy > YouTube History > Manage History by clicking on the profile symbol.

Your entire lists of YouTube activities should be available here. To view the comments, click the Interactions tab in the sidebar and choose View Comments.

You’ll get on the same page as a result. However, you can also view additional YouTube statistics along the route, likes and dislikes, votes on community posts, and live chat conversations.

View All Your YouTube Comments on iOS

1. Launch the YouTube app and tap the upper-right corner profile icon.

2. Here, choose Your data from the YouTube menu by scrolling down.

3. The YouTube app will launch with a web page. Navigate down to the part of Your YouTube dashboard.

how to find your comments on youtube

4. Select the Comments options by tapping on More.

5. You’re all set. All of the comments should be available to you on the Google My Activity Website’s Your YouTube Comments page.

6. You can press on the cross icon to open and edit the YouTube remark on the video page, or delete it, just like you can on the desktop.

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View All Your YouTube Comments on Android

1. Launch the YouTube app and tap the upper-right corner profile icon.

2. After that, hit Settings and choose the History and privacy setting.

3. In this case, choose Manage all activity.

4. The Google My Activity page will open, but instead of showing simply comments, it will show all of your YouTube data. In the top bar, tap the Interactions option.

5. To view all of your YouTube comments, pick the View Comments option under the Interactions tab.

6. To remove a remark, hit the cross icon, same like on iOS and PC. You can modify the remark from the video page by tapping on the video to open it and make changes.

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