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MultiVersus Stripe Guide: Know About Some Basic And Unique Attacks, Team Battles, 1v1 Battles, And Best Perks


The terrifying Gremlin from the same-titled film, Stripe, has recently made his way into MultiVersus. He is a lethal, swift Assassin-type character that uses many tricks to punish his intended victim. The best Stripe players will be those who can use his moves creatively to torment the opposition. His general playstyle is straightforward rushdown. Here’s our MultiVersus Stripe guide to help you cause the most havoc.

MultiVersus Stripe Guide- Basic Attacks

I’ll go over his standard attacks in the first section of the MultiVersus Stripe guide here. Generally speaking, these are simple claw swipes, but there are a few noteworthy exceptions. Nearly all of Stripe’s physical attacks deal a few-second-long Targeted debuff (pictured above) to opponents. It enables him to use his gun in a follow-up, as will be discussed in the section on special attacks.

  • Neutral Ground Attack:The buzzsaw throw, a chargeable projectile that crawls across the floor, is something wall jumpers will enjoy. It’s fast and dependable, but its cooldown and three ammo counts limit it. The buzzsaw is Stripe’s only teamplay-focused move because it makes ally attacks difficult and gives fights the upper hand.
  • Side Ground Attack: Three moves make up Stripe’s ground combo: two quick forward swipes, a series of claw swipes that mimic Wolverine’s Berserker Barrage, and a big bite that is quick, simple to cancel, and useful for landing, dealing damage, and switching attacks.

MultiVersus Stripe Guide

  • Up Ground Attack:Although Stripe’s air kick and handstand have a shorter reach than his side ground string, they can be used twice before finishing with a gun and can be substituted with any side attack step. Although Stripe has few charged melee attacks, it is not worth holding still while charging.
  • Down Ground Attack:Stripe knocks opponents upward by using a crossbow to shoot a radio at his feet. This intricate attack is good at punishing opponents who rush, despite its limited range. It can be used independently or chained into an air combo.
  • Neutral Air Attack:In order to mark targets with Targeted, Stripe uses a charged buzzsaw to bounce off of them and then uses physical strikes to attack buzzsaws that have bounced back. He has the ability to fire a buzzsaw that double bounces back, sending it flying in strange directions. If he has enough buzzsaws, he can try out various aim techniques.
  • Side Air Attack: A swift swipe forward. This one is rechargeable and functions well as a combo tool (when used in conjunction with a gun) and an approach option.
  • Up Air Attack: An upward-biting, feeble bite. Less absorbing of Stripe’s air recovery, but harder to land than his upward special.
  • Down Air Attack: Stripe moves in a downward motion. On opponents offstage, it’s a standard dunk (and can lead into gun). Onstage, it also has a good potential for killing (especially when followed by gun).

MultiVersus Stripe Guide- Special Attacks

This section of the MultiVersus Stripe guide will address the unique attacks that Stripe has to offer. They are simple, with the majority being tool-based attacks (like shooting a gun).

  • Neutral Special: Stripe’s signature move is channeling the Mogwai’s mystical power with a gun, which enables him to finish combos with extra free hits. Deal sealing is the gun’s best use, though its decay may limit its effectiveness. Stripe’s performance depends on how well this attack is managed, as it could be nerfed soon.
  • Side Ground Special: In a rush-style attack, Stripe charges into an opponent on a rechargeable skateboard before leaping off and kicking skyward. The flipped board timing adds to the oddity of the hitboxes. It’s a good attack, but before using it, make sure you understand its properties.

MultiVersus Stripe Guide

  • Side Air Special: Unlike a skateboard, Stripe’s chainsaw attack falls fast but has good horizontal movement. Knowing its path and fastfall to surprise enemies is necessary for proper use. It’s slow, but if you catch it, it can lock them into a series of blows and a significant knockback.
  • Up Special: The upward leap is a helpful counterattack to Stripe’s air and ground strikes, but it’s a poor recovery manoeuvre. It uses up Stripe’s recovery specials and destroys enemy projectiles. It can be used twice on the ground. It’s unclear how the move described latching onto enemies.
  • Down Special: Stripe deals six damage with a bundle of dynamite, changes into a strong projectile, lets go of it if hit, and then bursts into flames to continue moving. This explosive can be used to complete a lengthy physical combo and has recovery applications.

How to Win Team Battles as Stripe?

Basic team tactics are provided by the MultiVersus Stripe guide for a straightforward character with limited kill power. Stripe’s primary objective is to deal death. Despite being light and having a slow recovery time, he can deal a lot of damage fast.

A tank with low killing power, such as Superman or Iron Giant, that can withstand damage and still attack the enemy, would make a good partner for Stripe. A character like Steven or Velma who can strengthen Stripe’s defense is an additional choice. Stripe’s defense can be strengthened and armored by Wonder Woman, a front-line tank.

How to Win 1v1 Battles as Stripe?

As a 1v1 assassin, Stripe is renowned for his quickness and lethality. He probes with buzzsaws and side-attacks with side air strikes to locate gaps, then rips opponents apart with claw strings. To make opponents uneasy, Stripe should incorporate riskier moves into his fighting style, as his poor recovery can be punishing.

MultiVersus Stripe Guide

His side air chainsaw and down ground trap neutralize hostile opponents, but accuracy is essential to success. All things considered, Stripe is a dangerous foe because of his agility and lethality.

Best Perks For Stripe

MultiVersus Stripe Signature Perks:

• “Boom, Boom, Bounce!” (Level 8): Boosts Stripe’s riskiest attack by causing a second dynamite explosion.
• “He’s The Leader” (Level 10): Allows Stripe to leap off teammate’s projectiles and gain a buff.
• “Feeding After Midnight” (Level 12): Extends the length of Stripe’s debuffs in exchange for passing them onto enemies.

Only Stripe’s saws and radio trap gain projectile debuff advantages, not his gun. Though they are worthy of consideration, they shouldn’t take precedence. Instead, think about benefits like Triple Jump and Fancy Footwork that bolster Stripe’s shaky recuperation.

Stripe can better recover from attacks and use his dodges thanks to these benefits. Since Stripe’s best tools have a cooldown, add I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge to reduce cooldown. This ought to produce a strong overall configuration.

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