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How To Unlock All Rewards In Warhammer 40k For The Emperor Event In MW3?


Players must gain experience points (XP) through gameplay and task completion in order to unlock every reward in the Warhammer 40k For the Emperor Event in Mass Effect 3. To optimize rewards within the constrained timeframe, make use of boosts, concentrate on XP-boosting activities, accomplish milestones, and pay attention to event dates.

How to Unlock All Rewards in Warhammer 40k For the Emperor Event in MW3?

In MW3, the Warhammer 40K For Emperor event

How To Unlock All Rewards In Warhammer 40k For The Emperor Event In MW3?

• Recognize Rewards: Different prizes, such as weapon stencils and calling badges, have a specific amount of experience points.
• Use Boosts and Skins: For style and XP gain, use the double XP tokens and skins from the Warhammer 40,000: Space Marines Tracer Pack.
• Play to Earn Experience Points: Participate in daily and weekly challenges, play lots of multiplayer Warzone and Zombie matches, and maximize profits during double XP events.
• Monitor Your Progress: Make sure to frequently review your XP earnings and concentrate on reaching milestones to earn rewards.
• Play During the Event: From March 13 to March 27, players can earn Experience Points by participating in the Warhammer 40K Golden event.

How Many Rewards are in The Warhammer 40k: For The Emperor Event?

There are a total of twelve rewards available for the Warhammer 40K: For the Emperor event. This is the list with the amount of XP required for each:

  1. “Know No Fear” weapon sticker (9,500 XP)
  2. “March for MacRagge” calling card (21,500 XP)
  3. Battle Pass tier skip (36,500 XP)
  4. “Righteous Hatred” weapon charm (55,600 XP)
  5. “Inquisitorial Seal” weapon sticker (79,500 XP)
  6. “For the Emperor” emblem (109,700 XP)
  7. “Psyk-Out” stun grenade skin (147,700 XP)
  8. “Sons of Sanguinius” calling card (195,600 XP)
  9. “Innocence Proves Nothing” emblem (255,950 XP)
  10. “Adeptus Astartes” loading screen (332,000 XP)
  11. Double XP token (427,800 XP)
  12. Ultimate Reward: Warhammer WSP-9 blueprint in MW3

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What is Warhammer 40k For The Emperor Event in Modern Warfare 3?

In Modern Warfare 3, the Warhammer 40K For the Emperor event is a unique occasion where players can participate in tasks and challenges to earn different kinds of rewards within the game. Inspired by the Warhammer 40K universe. Apart from exclusive items, players can also gather cosmetics with a Warhammer theme.

How To Unlock All Rewards In Warhammer 40k For The Emperor Event In MW3?

Players receive weapon stickers, calling cards, emblems, and other items in addition to rewards for playing a game and completing specific tasks. Gamers have the opportunity to experience playing in the fast-paced Modern Warfare series while at the center of the Warhammer universe.

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In conclusion, strategic gameplay and an emphasis on earning experience points (XP) are necessary to unlock all rewards in the Warhammer 40K For the Emperor Event in Modern Warfare 3. Players can maximize their rewards within the limited timeframe by tracking progress, using boosts, participating during event dates, and engaging in XP-boosting activities.

The event offers players an immersive experience to enjoy the fusion of Modern Warfare gameplay and Warhammer themes. There are twelve enticing rewards total, including exclusive cosmetics and items inspired by the Warhammer 40K universe. By using these tactics, players can get the most out of their XP gains and obtain all of the desired rewards—including the Warhammer WSP-9 blueprint, which is the ultimate prize.

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