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Where to Find Every Chocograss in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?


In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, locate every Chococross location to earn worthwhile rewards. Investigate them to find places like Nidhogg Grotto, Divine Intel, and Expedition Intel. During your quest, don’t overlook secret locations like islands and caves!

What is Chocograss in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

A unique kind of plant called cocograss can be found in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Although you don’t have to find it, it’s still worthwhile to look for if you want additional benefits. During Chapter 11 of the game, Chocograss is primarily located in the Nibel region.

Where to Find Every Chocograss in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

It must be gathered in order to complete a task that the Chocobo Sage assigns. In order to get it, one must ride a Chocobo and use unique abilities to quickly gather the Chocograss tufts that are dispersed throughout the area, mostly on large bodies of water. Additionally, keep a watch out for those, as some may be concealed in caves.

Where to Find Every Chocograss in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

1. North of Divine Intel 1.

2. West of the previous Chocograss, north of Expedition Intel 1.

3. Inside a small cave with a breakable crystal outside, leading to Divine Intel 1.

4. Floating above the main stream of water northeast of the first Chocograss.

5. Next to the pipes of a broken, abandoned building.

6. Along the rock wall just before Expedition Intel 2.

7. Northwest of Activation Intel Tower 2, a few paces ahead of the previous Chocograss.

8. Touching the north side of the Gjallar Bridge.

9. Just before the cave entrance north of Gjallar Bridge.

10. South of Activation Intel Tower 2.

11. In the middle of the water near Nibel Port.

12. On the way to Chocobo Sage’s Manor.

13. Just before Chocobo Sage’s Manor.

14. North of Expedition Intel 3 as you enter the west region.

15. Straight ahead from the previous Chocograss.

16. Directly east of Activation Intel Tower 4.

17. South of Activation Intel Tower 4.

18. Visible while hugging the Tower Island on your right.

19. North from the previous location.

20. Further north from the previous location.

21. Located above on the map north of Cliffs of Abjuration Cache Point.

22. Found by circling around the Cliffs, on the left side.

23. Inside the rock wall accessible by ChocoJet landing.

24. Directly in front of the previous Chocograss.

25. Inside the cave entered from the previous Chocograss location.

26. Southwest of Divine Intel 3.

27. Found by continuing south from the previous location.

28. Located by circling around the rock walls ahead.

29. West of Nidhogg Grotto.

30. Towards the southwest of Fiend Intel 4 along the outside walls.

31. Inside Nidhogg Grotto.

32. East of Fiend Intel 4.

33. East of the previous location, south of Expedition Intel 4.

34. Further east, south of Excavation Intel: Island Base.

35. West of Stoaway Cave Cache Point.

36. North of the previous location.

37. North of Excavation Intel: Island Base.

38. Inside Excavation Intel: Island Base.

39. Inside the cave within Expedition Intel 4.

40. Further inside the cave from the previous Chocograss.

41. North of Expedition Intel 4.

42. Clearly visible slightly north of the Chocobo Stop.

43. Northwest from the previous location.

44. North of the previous location.

45. A few paces to the east of the previous Chocograss.

46. Slightly east of the Chocobo Stop on this island.

47. West of the Chocobo Stop, floating between two islands.

48. North of the previous Chocograss.

49. On the higher level of Nidhogg Grotto, just before reaching Fiend Intel 4.

50. Inside a cave directly below Divine Intel 2.

All Chocograss Rewards in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, gathering Chocograss can earn you the following rewards:

Where to Find Every Chocograss in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

This side quest can be started as soon as you have 30 Chocograss collected, but you will receive even more rewards if you collect 50. The Gjallarhorn, Cait Sith’s weapon, is one significant reward. To unlock the Platinum Trophy in the game, you must have this weapon. You will receive the following benefits upon turning in the Chocograss tufts to the Chocobo Sage’s Manor Tack Shop:

  • You will receive a Golden Plume if you gather 35 tufts.
  • You will receive an Otherworldly Crystal upon gathering 40 tufts.
  • 45 tufts will grant you access to the Gjallarhorn.
  • You will receive Cleansing Materia Earrings upon gathering 50 tufts.

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