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New Comedy Series ‘House of Laughs’ Set to Premiere on April


“House Of Laughs” is a comedy series, which was released by Wow Presents Plus. The members of  LGBTQ+ have been encompassed in the ‘House Of Laughs’ stand-up series. The adorned star cast includes iconic talents like RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni. This event series illuminates the voices marginalized by society. Laughing is essential for everyone.

The LGBTQ+ community knows how challenging it can be to find entertaining comedians and great storytellers. So, it would bring joy to anyone’s heart to hear about the announcement of ‘House of Laughs’, which fully includes the LGBTQ+.

The core purpose of this series is to encourage these marginalized voices and pave the way providing these artists with opportunities to explore their skills.  Season 1 includes six episodes.


Country of Origin     :     United State

Genres                        :      Comedy

Runtime                     :       20min

'House of Laughs' Release Date

‘House of Laughs’ Release Date

New Comedy Series ‘House of Laughs’ Set to Premiere on 2nd April 2024. You can watch all episodes of House of Laughs series on WOW Presents Plus.

The Cast members ‘House of Laughs’

House of Laughs is a comedy series hosted by Lawrence Chaney. The members of  LGBTQ+ have been working in the “House Of Laughs” stand up series. In the series, there are six episodes in season 1.

This series is like a standup comedy. Cast this series by Pride comedians members are include:-

  • Abe Farrelly is a writer, actor, and stand-up comedian who currently lives in Los Angeles. Farrelly is a renowned event host or master of ceremony in the Los Angeles comedy community. He’s known for making hilarious jokes based on his unique experience as a transgender man.
  • Akeem Woods is a comedian, actor, and podcast host who travels the country sharing his unique brand of comedy. He works hard to find the funniest aspects of being an LGBTQ+ man and presents them to audiences everywhere.
  • Bruno Alcantara is a life coach, model, and public personality dedicated to helping LGBTQ+ individuals live the best lives they can.
  • Cameron Esposito is a groundbreaking comedian, author, and podcast host who has performed across the world in comedy festivals, acting roles, or in their own stand-up specials. They are one of very few LGBTQ+ comedians to have their own comedy series based on their own life.
  • Carly Kane is a writer and standup comedian. Kane is famous for her unique takes on the intersection of identities in America. Currently based in Los Angeles, Kane has produced various shows that tell the experiences of different communities in hilarious ways.
  • Jaymes Mansfield is known for RuPaul’s Drag Race (2009), The Bitch Who Stole Christmas (2021) and Trixie Motel (2022).
  • Joel Kim Booster is an actor, writer, and comedian who has gained fame for his hilarious honesty and wild stories.
  • Daniel Franzese  is an actor, comedian, and playwright from Brooklyn, New York, who has become one of the most well-known LGBTQ+ actors today.
  • Julie Goldman is a comedian, writer, and podcaster known for her hilarious takes on pop culture and current news.She is known for her work on Bravo’s The people couch, the Vanderpump Rules Aftershow, and HBO’s curb Your Enthusiasm.
  • Kylie Sonique Love is an actress and producer, Known for Kylie sonique Love: True colors(2023), Kylie sonique Love: Complete Me(2021) Dope Queens.
  • Jared Goldstein is a standup comedian and actor who was named one of Time Out’s Comedians to Watch. Goldstein is known for  Modern Family, Rizzoli & Isles, or Dollface.
  • James Jimbo Insell is a Canadian Drag performer known for her avant-garde fashion, shocking artistic style, and hilarious comedy. She’s performed in Drag across the world and is one of RuPaul’s Drag Race esteemed winners. You Might Have Seen Jimbo on Canada’s Drag Race, RuPaul’s Drag Race: All-Stars 8, or Jimbo vs. Peas.
  • Justin Martindale is a comedian and podcaster who has performed at shows all over the country. Martindale is known for The funny dance show(2020) and Justin Martindale – Gay Bash(2023).
  • Irene Tu is known for Iliza’s Locals (2023), Straight Up, Stand Up (2018) and Take My Wife (2016).
  • Paris Sashay is known for Pause with Sam Jay (2021), Praise Petey (2023) and Keep Your Distance (2020).
  • Scarlett Bobo is a high-kicking, international Drag Queen. Bobo is known for House of Laughs (2024), Scarlet Envy: Dragon (2024) and These Kids Wear Crowns: Love This City (2014).
  • Daniel Webb is a comedian who gained attention for cracking gay jokes to make former President Barack Obama laugh.

'House of Laughs' Release Date

Introducing ‘House of Laughs’ Plot

House of Laughs series hosted by Lawrence Chaney. Lawrence Chaney is an actor and comedian, hailing from Helensburgh in Scotland.

“Performing at House of Laughs is like achieving a dream. I have the privilege to do stand-up comedy. In full drag, to a live audience in LA, alongside some of the funniest, queer comedians on the circuit. House of Laughs isn’t your typical stand-up comedy show. It is funny, naughty and brimming with new comedy talent but it’s also a ridiculous, joyous and queer joyride. Everyone is welcome to House of Laughs and I feel like one very lucky queen” –Lawrence Chaney says.

House of Laughs is a stand-up comedy series. The members of  LGBTQ+ have been encompassed in the ‘House Of Laughs’ stand up series. There are six episodes. Six episodes have been released.

‘House of Laughs’ Trailer

Upcoming blockbuster series ( House Of Laughs) check out the official trailer below:

Click on this trailer link And watch the trailer.

Prepare yourself for a comedy adventure and I guarantee you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing in no time.


House of Laughs series hosted by Lawrence Chaney. You can watch all episodes of House of Laughs series on WOW Presents Plus.

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